Bird Nest Decor on a Metal Candle Holder

Bird Nest Decor on a Metal Candle Holder

I don’t know about you, but Spring is front and center in my mind. The trees are budding, the daffodils are in full bloom, and even my husband’s allergies have kicked in. So, I’m kicking off the season with a fun and SUPER simple spring project idea. A few months ago, I snagged this metal candle holder from Goodwill and knew immediately that I would repurpose as bird nest decor for Spring.

metal candle holder

My mind reached back to one of Organized Clutter’s projects from last year– which I had loved! So, when I saw this metal candle holder, I knew I wanted to do something similar.

Of course, my version would be a little different! And then on top of that, I found a second, slightly different metal candle holder to add to my project arsenal!

metal candle stand

The white metal candle holder reminded me of toleware or vintage tole, which was extra special!

Clearly, this was a sign from the thrifting angels: bird nest decor was meant to be a project for me this Spring!

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Spring Decorating Ideas with Metal Candle Holders

My plans including painting both of my metal candle holders, but in different ways.

First up was the tall three-layer candle holder. I sprayed it with primer and then finished it off with a soft, pretty green spray paint.

spray painting the metal candle holders

While the first metal candle holder dried, I gathered some acrylic craft paints for the white candle stand. My plan was to add a touch of color to the flowers and leaves. 

Remember how I said it reminded me of toleware? That’s the look I’d be going for. Tole painting on the flowers and leaves to add fresh pops of color that would work perfectly with the bird nest decor.

Cottonball decided to help, although I’m not entirely sure what he was doing here. Probably something he SHOULDN’T be doing!

When all was said and done, my vintage candleholders were fresh and bright, perfect for the Spring decorating plans I had in store for each one! When the paint was dry on both of them, I used a spray-on top coat to protect the finish.

Metal candleholders from the thrift store that are painted for Spring decor

Now for the fun part- adding the nest decor I’ve been talking about!

Bird Nest Decor for Spring

I headed to my local garden decor shop because their selection of bird nest decor and speckled eggs was far superior than that at my craft stores!

Smaller nests would work best for the green candle holder and a larger nest was purchased for the white candleholder that I had done the tole painting on.

spring decorating ideas with bird nest decor

And all I did was set each birds nest on the candle holder platform(s), using the candle “spike” to help hold it in place! Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

You could certainly glue them in place with hot glue but I decided not to go that route. Both for both storage reasons and in case I wanted to use the nest decor on a future project.

nest decor on a metal candle holder

I mean, it’s almost too easy of a Spring decor project. But I didn’t think either of my metal candle holders needed any further embellishment.

bird nest decor for Spring

Bird Nest Decor on a Metal Candle Holder

Just the nest decor and speckled eggs was enough for me. Each little birds nest sits perfectly on the platforms.

Like they were meant to go together all along.

nest decor

And despite the tall metal candle holder being the original impetus for this Spring craft, I might secretly be a little more partial towards the white one.

I love how the tole painting turned out. Just a simple pop of color here and there gave it an entirely new look.

bird nest decor

And is there anything better for Spring decorating than a birds nest filled with speckled eggs? I just can’t get enough nest decor or bird decor during the Spring season.

bird nest decor on a metal candle holder

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for nest decor and speckled eggs, then you’ll love this idea for Easter decor with hobnail milk glass!

Decorating with hobnail milk glass for Easter

Craft on!


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  1. Beautiful. So cheerful. I love your projects.

  2. So cute, so creative! I love the pics of the treasures sitting on the shelf before you work your magic. I look at those and think, Wow, she can see magic where it doesn’t exist! I love your blog!

  3. This is so incredibly cute! Thanks so much for sharing. Your creativity is always inspiring!

  4. So sweet and doable! Thanks for posting!

  5. I love how the little one looks like the vintage ones, Sarah! So adorable, & yes, those candle spikes come in handy;)

  6. I absolutely love these candle holder re-dos, especially the one where you painted the flowers and leaves. It would match my chandelier. {You would love it.} I like the idea of getting the birds nests from another source where the quality is there without you have to embellish it to make it more presentable from the craft store. Gorgeous projects.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so very much, my friend! Yes, I was actually overwhelmed with the selection at that Home & Garden store…I went there on a whim after being SO disappointed with the craft store offerings, so it was a very welcome surprise to find such nice ones elsewhere.

  7. Adorable! Both are pretty, but I like the way you painted the smaller one & I think I like it better too. Very cute for Easter!

  8. I wish it were spring! Woke up to more snow this morning! Not so fun commute to work. But I have to say I’m partial to the little candle holder too! Love the pretty colors.

  9. Judi Johnson says

    I am so jealous of your thrift stores. I go to all the ones here and never find stuff like you do. Or if they have cool stuff they want too much money.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ugh, I hear that a lot…I wish I could sprinkle thrifting fairy dust on your stores! I go to so many, so frequently that my luck definitely is higher than average.

  10. Kitty supervision is the best kind of supervision. 🙂

  11. Sue Addison says

    Brilliant as usual. I gave one of these to thrift store a few years back. I tend to forget how much of a difference a coat of paint will make.

  12. I love how you took the candle holders, and turned it into fabulous bird nest and eggs

  13. Oh how beautiful, love them! Happy Weekend!

  14. Shay Moore says

    So sweet, and fast. too !!

  15. Really really cute idea for thrifted candleholders, Sarah and love that it’s such an easy way to decorate for Spring/Easter!

  16. Paula Mac says

    Cottonball’s waiting for some little birdie meatloaf………..Love, Love, Love all your ideas!

  17. Carolyn Buckhorn says

    Oh my gosh . I dearly love this idea. It is awesome. How do you think of these things? I wish I seen things like you do.

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