Craft Ribbon Storage with a Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Craft Ribbon Storage with a Hanging Paper Towel Holder

So here I am again with something that can barely be called a “craft”. BUT, all of us DIYers and crafters need a little help in the Craft Room Organization struggle, right? And this form of craft ribbon storage is just the trick we all need.

I came across this hanging paper towel holder at a local thrift shop.

It was in perfect condition, and I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with it at the time. But for a few dollars, it came home with me.

Hanging paper towel holder

It didn’t take long for me to determine it would become craft ribbon storage for my always-cluttered craft room.

Even though I’ve already upcycled other items into ribbon holders! Remember this repurposed wine rack?

diy ribbon holder

But anyway, back to the paper towel holder. The feeder bar, as simple as it was, seemed like it would be PERFECT for wrangling ribbon tales! So, I decided to give it a makeover and put to good re-use.

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From Paper Towel Holder to Ribbon Spool Holder

Of course, my project idea deserved a coat of paint, right? 

Painting a hanging paper towel holder

Obviously, that’s an optional step. It certainly didn’t need to be painted. But I love to “seal out” the previous life of a piece with paint!

First, I disassembled it, which literally consisted of unscrewing the knobs at each end of the holder. Then, I wiped each piece down with a clean rag.

Mounted paper towel holder

Then, I rubbed some mid-grit sandpaper (120-grit) over the pieces of the mounted paper towel holder. Just to scratch up the surface a bit before painting!

All in all, though, the paint job on my paper towel holder gave it a fresh, clean look!

Upcycle paper towel holder

Next, I slid ribbon spools onto the bar! 

Now, admittedly, the smaller spools didn’t fit (they’d need a smaller dowel). But the larger spools fit perfectly!

Ribbon spool holder from a paper towel holder

Craft Ribbon Storage with a Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Just as I had hoped, the feeder bar on the hanging paper towel holder kept the ribbon tails in place! Now, I just tug on a tail and snip off what I need!

Craft ribbon storage or ribbon spool holder

I haven’t decided if I’ll hang my craft ribbon storage on the wall of my craft room, or just keep it on a shelf. 

Either way, the hanging paper towel holder was absolutely MEANT to become a ribbon spool holder. Don’t you think?

Craft ribbon storage with a hanging paper towel holder

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for craft ribbon storage, then you may also be interested in this project for craft paint storage, as well!

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And for even more upcycling ideas specifically for craft supply storage and organization, this collection is full of inspiration!

craft supply storage and organizing craft supplies

Craft on!


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Mounted paper towel holder as craft ribbon storage

Upcycling a paper towel holder as craft ribbon storage

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  1. That’s actually a really good idea. I have so many ribbons and they’re just sitting in a box…unused. Lol.

    • Thanks, Vanessa- it always feels good to find a cheap-o thrift store treasure and give it a new lease on life! I wish the rest of my crafting space was as organized as my ribbon, LOL!

  2. Adding paper towel holder to my GW list! Thanks for sharing on SHOWLicous!
    ~ Ashley

  3. This is a great idea! I wish I had done this years ago…my life would have been so much easier when wrapping all the gifts in my very large family! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great idea. I am going to the Good Will to find one of these. Thanks for sharing. I found your lovely blog over at Kathe with an E link party. Have a great day.

  5. Ooh, I will keep an eye out for one of these – great idea! Much better than my current (non-existent) method of organizing ribbon :-).

  6. Or you could put bracelets on it!

  7. I could use one of these about now – clever idea!

  8. I like this one, too, but my ribbon stash needs your gun rack version; found one for $3 but’ll be after the holidays before I get to it…maybe for ’17’s after Christmas stash of new ribbons!

  9. thank you for such a cool idea!! Just love your projects!! Happy New Year

  10. I love your ribbon organizer! I’m just waiting for your cat to unroll all the ribbon! LOL Happy New Year Sarah!

  11. Love this idea as I have one on hand now and was going to redo it for my half bath to hang paper towels but U changed my mind

  12. What a great idea!


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