Pin Holder from a Knife Stand and Balls of Twine

Pin Holder from a Knife Stand and Balls of Twine

I’ve made a lot of jewelry organization projects in my time, but this is the only one specifically for brooches and pins. It’s a play off an idea I saw at an antiques store that used cotton string (straight from the hardware store) as a pin holder. And I knew right away I wanted to recreate my own version!

The first thing I did was run to Ace Hardware for a couple of balls of cotton string. Quite literally, the most basic twine or string they had.

I liked the dainty-ness of these and the wild pattern of the wound string.

balls of twine to become a pin holder

But I didn’t just want to use the cotton string- my pin display or pin holder needed something else. After a lot of various thrifting adventure, I found this wooden spindle.

wooden knife holder

I honestly don’t know what it originally was- maybe a knife stand or some kind of knife holder? But it seemed ideal for my project. So I snatched it up and got to work.

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Balls of Twine as a Pin Holder

Of course, I had to paint the wooden knife stand. After all, paint seals out its previous life, right?

I didn’t put much effort into the paint job. It didn’t need to be perfect and I was just using leftover latex paint from our dining room makeover. 

painting a knife stand

Just enough to give it a bright refresh.

Next, I moved onto the twine. As I had hoped, the balls of cotton twine fit perfectly over the knife stand.

balls of twine for a pin holder display

So, I had high hopes that my pin holder was *probably* going to work out just fine.

Then, I hot glued the balls of cotton string together, pushing on them as they dried. I also added a little hot glue to the exposed ends on each ball of twine to keep them from unraveling.

balls of twine that are glued together

Lastly, I simply slid the fused balls of string onto the knife stand and my pin holder was complete. The string fit on the spindle snugly enough that I didn’t feel compelled to glue them in place.

making a brooch display

Now I just needed to add my brooches and pins!

Pin Holder from a Knife Stand and Balls of Twine

My vintage brooches really jazz it up, don’t they? And who knew cotton string from the hardware store would be such a wonderful craft supply for a pin holder?

pin holder

My new pin holder works perfectly on my dresser, along with all of my other DIY jewelry organizers.

pin holder from a knife stand

Now you see just how much I love vintage and upcycled fashion jewelry, including vintage brooches. Truth be told, I’ll take vintage rhinestones over real gem stones any day of the week!

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a brooch display, then you’ll also love this wooden necklace holder that I made, as well!

wooden necklace holder with vintage thread spools

Or, if you just like unique jewelry and statement pins, then check out how I made these whimsical flower brooches, too.

Lapel flower or cloth flowers with flour sack fabric

Craft on!


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pin holder display

wooden jewelry holder for pins and brooches

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  1. Super simple & super smart! Love it! Glad to find you today at Project Inspire{d} Link Party #99

  2. wow you have a lot of mighty purty jewelry young lady! 🙂 Love your spindley thingy brooch holder! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. This would be a beautiful decor piece on a shelf or as a table centerpiece. Love it!

  4. This is so cute Sarah, love the spool necklace holder too! Super clever!

  5. This is such a lovely storage solution. I wonder what the holder held originally?

  6. This is so pretty! I’m busily creating a new boho themed bedroom for myself and this would fit in so perfectly. Now… to find something I can use in place of that weird, wooden, holder, thingymabob that no one knows what it once was!!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m pinning!


  7. Love your ideas!
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  10. I love these. Your brooch holder is such a neat idea. And I love your necklace holder with the spools, so cute. Pinning these to my display board! Thanks for sharing!

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  17. I recently did the same thing with a few spools and vintage brooches but mine are in a small curio with other vintage Boudouir items..
    I love how you stacked them on the painted wood piece!! Very pretty!!


  18. just wondering if your “thing” found brooch holder is a part of a spinning wheel? we have a spinning wheel my husband made years ago and this just sorta kinda reminds me of a part of it?
    some niffy ideas you have, lady! 😉
    love looking at all your creations!

  19. Ermegoodness! Fantastic ideas! I’m trying to wade through all my stuff (vintage and just plain junk)and this has given me inspiration in how to display my bestest pieces! Thank you so much, you’re a genius!

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