Wooden Necklace Holder with Vintage Thread Spools

Wooden Necklace Holder with Vintage Thread Spools

As a short & round woman, I am destined to love accessories since my clothing options are limited. Which means that jewelry organization and jewelry storage are always something I need more of. So, after collecting some salvaged wood and vintage thread spools, I decided to create a wooden necklace holder with them.

repurposed wood spool diy

Not only do I love vintage sewing notions, but of course I love salvaged wood! This is really a very simple, straight-forward project that anyone can do.

And is so impossibly cute AND functional at the same time!

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Building a Wooden Necklace Holder

First, I wiped down my piece of salvaged wood (both sides) and attached sawtooth hangers to the back (one at each end).

Trust me, it’s much easier to do this at the beginning of the project than after the spools are attached.

sawtooth hangers on a wooden necklace holder

Then, I lined up the vintage thread spools along my piece of salvaged wood, spacing them as evenly as possible.

making a wooden necklace holder with thread spools

Using a pencil, I did my best to mark a dot on the wood directly underneath the holes in each wood spool.

Now it was time to hammer in the nails. I used molding or finishing nails, because the spools can slide on easily.

nails for the vintage thread spools

Two different sizes (lengths) were used to accommodate different wood spools.

Next, I hammered in the nails. I made sure they were in far enough to be sturdy and that they didn’t stick out past the vintage spools.

making a diy necklace display

Then it was time to permanently attach the wood spools to the barn wood!

Vintage Thread Spools for a DIY Necklace Display

The nails, while perhaps not critical to the project, act as a fail-safe if the adhesive gives out. Nobody wants to deal with a beloved necklace falling behind a large, ornery dresser that is hard to move!

So, for this reason, I used Gorilla-brand epoxy to securely glue the vintage thread spools in place.

epoxy glue for the old wooden spools

After blending the epoxy until it was uniform in color, I used a coffee stirrer to “shmear” the epoxy to one side to the wood spools.

With the epoxy on the wood spools, I carefully slid each one over their corresponding nails.

gluing the vintage thread spools to salvaged wood

I always selected the uglier or naked side of the spools so that I would still see the labels or graphics.

With any epoxy, it’s best to let it sit overnight, weighed down by something.

So, I raided my pantry! Canned goods came in awfully handy, and I let the whole thing sit like this overnight so that the epoxy could cure.

weighing down the spools as the epoxy cures

And that was it! Once the epoxy cured, I had a wooden necklace holder that was sturdy and cute and ready for my myriad of necklaces.

wooden necklace holder on salvaged wood

Wooden Necklace Holder with Vintage Thread Spools

And you know what? I actually sold the one I made in the previous photos, so I made a different one just for myself. It hangs just like this in our bedroom to this day.

wooden necklace holder with vintage thread spools

This DIY necklace display is just a part of my collection of jewelry holders, and they all hang out together in perfect upcycling harmony.

bracelet storage and diy necklace display

If you enjoyed my wall jewelry organizer project, then you may also be interested in this ring holder I made by upcycling a cigar box, as well!

Making the ring cushions for a vintage cigar box to use as a DIY ring holder

Craft on!


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wooden necklace holder

diy necklace display and bracelet storage

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  1. This is really a cute idea. I’d love to make one myself.

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  10. Maxine Williams says

    I can not see your photos. Is there a special way to open your posts.

    • Hi, Maxine. I’m so very sorry to hear that you can’t see any of the photos. I don’t have any issues on my end and have tried two different browsers. I’ll try and see if there is any issue on the page hosting end. Hopefully you’ll see them soon!

  11. My SIL’s grandmother just gave me vintage spools that would be perfect for this project.
    Thanks so much for sharing on Show-Licious!
    ~ Ashley

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    I put some vintage molding in my truck to take to the booth. I am now going to take it our to make one of these. So creative. Thank you sharing this idea at Make It Monday.

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    Sarah @ EDEA Smith

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    Adorei seu trabalho! Parabéns!

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