Halloween Ghost Decoration from a Wooden Cheese Board

Halloween Ghost Decoration from a Wooden Cheese Board

Several years ago, I found a wooden cheese board at a thrift store. It was just the wooden tray part, with indentations that I assume once held decorative tiles. But the tiles were long gone and the wooden tray had a peculiar shape. A shape that seemed DESTINED to become a Halloween ghost decoration.

Wooden cheese board at a thrift store

This would not be the first upcycled ghost on my blog, either. I LOVE creating ghosts from unexpected thrift store finds!

How to make a floating ghost with a metal candlestick

See what I mean, though? It had a rounded ghost head and a softly scalloped bottom, like a floating sheet. Future ghost decor, for sure!

Vintage cheese board with cut outs for tile

But here’s a secret- I started on this project in 2018! I’m just so glad that I kept it all this time. I think he deserves to be finished and displayed, don’t you?

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Transforming a Vintage Cheese Board

Because the back of the vintage cheese board was smooth, that was the side I planned to focus on. But, first, I had to remove the stubborn little sticker feet.

After a little bit of effort with a relatively dull knife and some Simple Green, though, I was able to remove them. Including the sticky residue!

Removing the sticker residue for a clean surface

Next, I gave him a makeover in ghostly white. All in all, I brushed two coats of paint on my Halloween ghost decoration.

This is seriously the easiest thrift store makeover ever, y’all. It *almost* doesn’t warrant a blog post!

Then, I grabbed an old favorite of mine: peel-and-stick black felt!

Cutting out eyes and mouth for Halloween ghost decoration

I’ve made a LOT of Halloween projects with this stuff. Both jack-o-lanterns AND ghosts!

Lastly, I cut out two circles for eyes and an oval for the mouth. Then, I simply peeled off the backing and stuck them on the cheese board.

Halloween Ghost Decoration from a Wooden Cheese Board

And just like that, my Halloween ghost decoration was done!

Halloween ghost decor from a vintage cheese board

I have no idea why I kept pushing this project to the side year after year. Because he is SO adorable and about the easiest upcycling project ever.

Decorating with a Halloween ghost decoration or wooden ghost


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I think I might incorporate my wooden ghost into my vintage Halloween display. What do you think, will he fit in?

Vintage Halloween decor on a fireplace mantel

Either way, I love an easy repurposing project like this. Think you’ll be flipping those wooden cheese boards over now to check out the shape?

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween, then you may also enjoy these creepy candles I made from old Christmas decorations!

Creepy candles for Halloween from Christmas window candles

Craft on!


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Upcycling a wooden cheese board as a Halloween ghost decoration

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  1. Aww he’s so cute! That’s the way it goes sometimes… a project sits around for years half finished and when you finally get it done it you just feel silly that it took SO LONG!


  2. marilyn ackerman says

    So glad you posted this little ghost. You are so creative seeing the possibilities others would overlook.

  3. I love him. How perfect! That board called for a ghost, lol.

  4. Yes! I think your “Cheese Board Ghost” would fit in Perfect! CattyCornered on the left side behind the clock with the Gus was a Mexican Ghost book slightly in front of CBGhost 🙂 Thank you for all of you Inspiration!

  5. Rebecca Payne says

    So cute and easy. Great job.

  6. Sarah!
    You have THE best imagination! What a great idea to use that cheese board.
    Happy to know I’m not the only one who puts stuff off for years!



  7. This was just meant for this project, so very cute!

  8. Mary Loveland says

    Too Cute Sadie! Good catch at the thrift store…

  9. Your ghosts is so adorable. He’s like a happy little Casper! You have such great vision!

  10. I swear, you could turn anything into a Halloween project! just I love all of your ideas. I have come a LONG way in being able to visualize alternative uses for things–that skill seems to come to you so effortlessly! I still have to work at it!

  11. OMG!! How darn cute!! He did deserve to have his own blog post. So glad you decided to share. Have probably seen several of these over the years. You definitely have the vision.

  12. This is adorable. You truly have a gift for turning items into amazing from the thrift store!

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