Floating Ghosts / Friendly Ghosts from Brass Candlesticks

Floating Ghosts / Friendly Ghosts from Brass Candlesticks

After last Halloween when I created this fun candy holder, I was determined to create another project for a Halloween ghost – friendly ghosts, for sure! And to create a Halloween ghost decoration that was a tabletop size, I used the brass candlesticks or brass candle holders that you see in thrift stores all the time.

Brass candlesticks or brass candle holders at the thrift store for upcycling ideas into a Halloween ghost decoration

I see these all the time when I’m thrifting…so it seemed like the perfect thing to repurpose and upcycle in a surprising new way!

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Making a Halloween Ghost Decoration with Brass Candlesticks

First, I spray painted the brass candlesticks white – I suppose this is an optional step, but I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be visible later on.

Spray painting the brass candlesticks to upcycle them into friendly ghosts for Halloween decor

After the paint had dried, I used my hot glue gun to attach different sized foam balls to the tops of the candlesticks. I used the largest styrofoam ball for the tallest brass candlestick, and so forth.

Styrofoam balls to be glued on top of brass candlesticks for upcycling idea into a Halloween ghost

Now it was time to turn them into friendly ghosts!

I searched the thrift store linen sections for the right fabric, but came up short. So, I resorted to hunting the remnants section of my local Joann Fabrics. I needed fabric that was heavy enough to drape well.

BUT, had I found an old white tablecloth at the thrift, that probably would have worked just fine!

White fabric to drape over styrofoam heads on the brass candlesticks to make a Halloween ghost decoration

I draped a section of fabric over my “ghost mannequin”, ensuring that fabric pooled on the ground all the way around.

Measuring the amount of white fabric needed to make a Halloween ghost or friendly ghosts

Next, I carefully trimmed the fabric so that it just skimmed the ground. I also made sure it adequately concealed the base of the brass candlesticks.

Halloween ghost decoration with white fabric and styrofoam balls and brass candle holders from the thrift store

To secure the fabric in place, I used a simple straight pin (the kind with a flat head). I then dabbed a touch of white paint to it so that it blended in with the white fabric.

It was another optional step, but it just helped to hide it a bit more.

Using a straight pin to hold white fabric in place over styrofoam balls and brass candlesticks for a Halloween ghost

Almost done!! Now I just needed to add a face to my floating ghosts with an old favorite craft supply: peel-and-stick black felt.

Floating Ghosts or Friendly Ghosts for Halloween

I cut out ovals and circles from the adhesive felt and simply stuck them on my Halloween ghost decorations. I mean, honestly, does it get any simpler than that?

Peel and stick felt or adhesive felt to make a ghost face on the floating ghosts or Halloween ghost decoration

And that was it! My trio of friendly ghosts or floating ghosts was ready to decorate with for Halloween. Aren’t they cute? And so easy to make.

Friendly ghosts or Halloween ghost decoration with brass candle holders from the thrift store and styrofoam balls

The brass candlesticks or brass candle holders were the perfect thing to upcycle for these friendly ghosts. I love that it really does look like they’re floating – and there’s no need to hang them from anything, either.

Upcycling idea for brass candlesticks into floating ghosts or a Halloween ghost decoration with styrofoam balls

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween decor, then you’ll love these faux rust jack-o-lanterns, too!

Plastic pumpkins or jack o lantern buckets with a rust patina for primitive Halloween decor

And for cute country Halloween decor, my bandana fabric pumpkins can’t be beat!

Bandana pumpkin or fabric pumpkin for primitive Halloween decor or primitive country decor for Halloween


Craft on!


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  1. Boo-tiful! (Couldn’t resist.) 🙂

  2. Julia - Vintage with Laces says

    What a great way to upcycle those brass candle sticks. Your ghosts are so cute and such an adorable Halloween décor, Sarah!

  3. Dear Sadie, I’m retired so have time to ‘surf’ craft and recycled craft sites. I think your’s is the most original, most varied site I have found. You truly have a gift and take the time to share it with others of us who love to do what you do but don’t have the imagination to do it. Thank you for this. jacquey

  4. Patti Boose says

    I love this ghost idea! Your instructions are always so easy to follow. Thank you.

  5. Really nice project.

  6. You did it AGAIN! Gave me another thing to add to my thrift store look-for list! I thot of you yesterday in Michael’s when I saw the yellow/orange cnadle bulbs on clearance! You are SOOO good at this Halloween stuff! I’m wondering if tall glass candlesticks would save me the white paint step! Plus give it a bit of weight so cats don’t knock them over! Nothing is sacred to Squeak and Dutchess!

  7. Very cute and oh so easy! Pinned to my Halloween board.

  8. Cut! Look like a singing ghost trio to me! Ha!

  9. chris tucker says

    adorbs xx

  10. acraftymix says

    Yup, only you could come up with something that ‘s so unique and different Sarah. Aren’t they just the cutest little ghosts ever, love how you made them

  11. I literally just picked up those exact candlesticks at an estate sale. Spooky re-purpose! Visiting from Remodelaholic.

  12. Such a clever repurpose for those candlesticks! Great idea as always!

  13. Oh my!! These are too cute Sarah!!

  14. Well these are the cutest ghosts ever.

  15. Very cute & great job Sadie. They are looking so cool now! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great day.

  16. So so easy and adorable, I always need your boost to get me started! Thank you 😍

  17. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  18. embellishology says

    These are so cute! I just purchased a couple of candle holders just like the ones you used! I may try this myself.

  19. This is the cutest idea! I wish I could come up with things like this on my own…you truly have a gift to see the potential in everyday items.

  20. I love this! I even have some candlesticks in my hall closet that I was about to donate…but now I am going to make some ghosts. We just started the Whisk It Wednesday link party and I thought you might be interested in sharing there too! Thanks, Carrie

  21. Hahaha! It is the first time I am not afraid of ghosts! So cute!!! Brilliant idea, thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party 🙂



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