Valentine’s Day Home Decor from Heart Cake Pans

Valentine’s Day Home Decor from Heart Cake Pans

As I was going through my Valentine’s Day projects, I realized that every single one was red and/or pink. And while that’s not exactly shocking (it IS V-day, after all), I wanted to switch it up and go in an industrial decor direction using some heart cake pans I found while thrifting. My plan? To create some Valentine’s Day home decor that were a little more unique and less frilly.

Heart shape cake pans at thrift store for upcycling into heart decorations

And yes, you’re right- I *have* upcycled cake pans before! But that project was quite different (AND had a secret element underneath)

DIY mosaic stepping stone with key hider

Back to these heart shaped pans, though. They were kind of icky (as old baking pans tend to get) but I wasn’t scared off. A good cleaning and some spray paint later would take care of that.

To get the industrial farmhouse decor that I was envisioning, though, I would need to layer in other masculine elements. And these wooden hearts were perfect!

Upcycling idea for heart shape cake pans as heart decorations and industrial farmhouse decor

The final layer would include some vintage drawer handles that I received from T4T Thrift Shop!

They are one of my favorite thrift stores (and charitable organizations). If you’re ever in the Tempe, Arizona area, please check them out!

Vintage drawer handles from T4T Thrift Shop in Tempe Arizona

Speaking of which, the vintage drawer handles inspired a silly name for this project. I’ll share it at the end of this tutorial!

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Heart Decorations for Valentine’s Day Home Decor

So, let’s get to it!

First, I drilled two small holes in each of my heart shape cake pans. This would allow me to attach the wooden hearts from the back of the pans with screws.

Drilling holes through the heart shape cake pans before upcycling into heart decorations

Next, I spray painted the baking pans.

Had they not been as icky-sticky as they were, I probably could have skipped this step. But a couple of light coats of this galvanized spray paint seemed like a good way to “seal out” that icky-ness. 

And, of course, it’s the perfect spray paint for industrial farmhouse decor!

Galvanized spray paint to transform the heart shape cake pans into industrial home decor

While the paint dried, I drilled holes in the center of each wooden plaque that were big enough to stick the dresser pulls in.

DIY valentine decorations with vintage drawer pulls and wooden hearts

Then, I stained the wooden hearts with Briarsmoke stainYou may recall seeing me use this wood stain before in this blog post about French farmhouse decor.

Briarsmoke stain on wooden hearts to use as industrial home decor for Valentine's Day

The heart decorations were coming together. Next, it was time to assemble everything!

Heart Cake Pans and Vintage Drawer Handles

I let everything “cure” overnight and then lightly sanded the wooden hearts to distress them a bit. All my layers of industrial farmhouse decor were now ready to be assembled into DIY Valentine decorations!

Assembling the heart decorations with cake pans and vintage drawer handles

To keep it simple, I first used this kind of super glue to attach the vintage drawer handles to the wooden hearts.

Vintage hardware on wooden hearts to use with heart shape cake pans as industrial farmhouse decor

Then, I attached the wooden hearts to the heart shape cake pans with screws. That, of course, created bumps on the back of the heart decorations.

DIY valentine decorations with heart shape cake pans as industrial home decor

So, I cut out hearts in grey felt and stuck them to the undersides of my heart decorations with double-sided tape. This would keep the screw heads from scratching the wall (if hung up) or a table surface (if laid flat).

Covering the back of heart decorations with felt to prevent scratching the wall or furniture

And that was it! Ready to see how the heart decorations turned out?

Valentine’s Day Home Decor from Heart Cake Pans

Think of these as those heart shaped chocolate boxes that were frilly and lacy- but in an industrial decor kind of way.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations from heart cake pans

Let me tell you- my husband LOVES how they turned out. He joked that if it were a box filled with chocolates, he would have bought it right away.

And maybe it’s a silly project, but it was a fun challenge to step away from red and pink decor for Valentine’s Day and go in a more rustic home decor direction.

Valentine's Day home decor from heart cake pans

OH! That silly pun I was talking about. Well…I think these heart decorations should be called “Love Handles”.

Get it?? Because of the vintage drawer handles? Besides, maybe the term “love handles” needs a more positive spin…

Interested in another easy upcycling idea for Valentine’s Day? These trinket boxes from the thrift store may be just what you are looking for.

Picture frame jewelry box as Valentine's Day decor

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Valentine’s Day decor with an industrial twist, then this collection of repurposing ideas for industrial home decor is just what you’ve been looking for!

industrial decor

Craft on!


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Heart cake pans as Valentine's Day home decor

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  1. Karen Benitez says

    So cute Sarah!!!

  2. I love your non-red/pink hearts, Sarah! Wood & metal together are always a good marriage in my book! Love Handles is the perfect name for them!

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    Love them and love the cute pun.

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    I Love the change and they are awesome.

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    Love the decor and the pun was awesome.

  6. Great project Sarah, and I love the pun!

  7. Those are wonderful! Thanks for the link to the thrifty hardware, I need some to make a Potions book for Halloween using your tutorial!

  8. So cute! I love frilly more than industrial, but these were well done and would be so great in a industrial vibe setting. I like the idea of painting the cake pans to a uniform color; my real cake pans look a lot worse than those heart pans!


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