30+ Upcycling Ideas for Industrial Decor

30+ Upcycling Ideas for Industrial Decor

One of the more recent home decor trends that I never get tired of is Industrial Decor. Not only do I love the rustic, almost masculine feel to the elements (reclaimed wood, metal, worn leather), but if you think about it, industrial home decor is a product of upcycling. But upcycling on a grander scale. Once developers started repurposing old factories and mills into loft-style apartments, artisan workshops, and commercial space, people were drawn to that industrial look.

So, I suppose it’s really no surprise that an upcycling blogger like myself feels extra connected to a decor style that is based on repurposing. And let’s not forget the vintage / antique aspect as well – because those factories (and the relics salvaged from within) are often many-decades old.

And while I don’t have a LOT of industrial pieces in our home, I’m no stranger to projects in that aesthetic. Take this “metal” card catalog I made from thrift store staples…

Modern industrial furniture or industrial bedside table that was made by upcycling some VHS storage cases for VHS tapes by Sadie Seasongoods

Or my take on a rotating hardware bin that I made from yet another thrift store find.

Upcycling idea for Tupperware party platter - repurpose it into a rotating hardware bin and rustic industrial decor by Sadie Seasongoods

The great thing about industrial decor is that you can slip it in seamlessly alongside farmhouse decor or your vintage decor, as well. Maybe less so in a shabby chic or Boho homes, but small touches here and there work wonderfully.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that reclaimed wood goes with everything, if you try hard enough!

It also goes hand in hand with upcycling ideas, thrift store makeovers, and DIY projects. To further prove my point, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite industrial style upcycling ideas and repurposed projects from my fellow bloggers. If you’re looking for some industrial inspiration, I bet these can help out…


Upcycling Ideas for Industrial Decor

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Do you feel inspired to create some industrial home decor yet? Perhaps a trip to the thrift store, flea market, or yard sale is in order…

A couple of other pointers to keep in mind for the industrial look:

  • By nature, it’s a minimalist decor style. But darker colors and textured walls (like brick) make the room seem fuller than it actually is;
  • Raw materials (wood, metal, stone) are ideal for industrial style decorating; and
  • Imperfect materials are even better – scarred wood, worn leather, and scuffed brick give an authentic feel.

And if you enjoyed these upcycling ideas for industrial decor, then you may also be interested in this mini card catalog project that got a rustic “makeunder”, as well!

How to make a library card catalog from thrift store furniture into vintage farmhouse decor by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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  1. Wowser Sadie! I just looked at the makeover of the VHS storage cabinets, what a totally great job! Attractive, functional and modern industrial! Good Grief, hope I can find some!

  2. I am not much of an industrial decor fan for myself but I sure admire the results everyone has created–especially upcycling something to look totally different! Thanx for researching this great collection!

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