Washboard Decor for the Laundry Room

Washboard Decor for the Laundry Room

While I am no stranger to upcycling vintage washboards, I have yet to create anything for my laundry room in my nearly 5 years of blogging. So, when I found this antique washboard at a local favorite thrifting haunt, I decided to repurpose it into some washboard decor for the laundry room.

In fact, I think Joanna Gaines must have sprinkled some farmhouse fairy dust on me that day because I had all sorts of farmhouse thrifting luck!

Thrifting for farmhouse decor

But it was the vintage washboard that had me clucking my tongue, envisioning it as wall decor in my laundry room. But it would be functional decor that could hold missing socks and items from pockets.

Antique washboard for upcycling

I just needed a few more supplies to make my idea for washboard decor come to life!

Making some laundry room wall art

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Washboard Decor and Missing Socks Hanger

First, I needed to insert a large hook to hold he metal pail. I drilled a pilot hole in the top center of the antique washboard before screwing in the hook.

Attaching a hook to a vintage washboard

I planned to tuck dryer lint into this pail on my washboard decor. Just one of many things I planned on it holding!

Lint bucket for laundry room

See? Now I have a place to tuck lint into! Whether I’m saving it to make DIY fire starters or just gathering it to toss in the trash. Either way , the hook makes it easy to remove and dump in the trash when it’s full.

Next, I marked spots for screws along the very bottom section of the washboard. From there, I drilled shallow pilot holes and then hand-screwed in a wire basket.

Adding a basket to washboard decor

This will be for loose change, receipts, etc. Basically, anything I find in pants pockets before tossing in the washer.

And yes, I used the screwdriver for that. I could have used my drill for both pilot holes and attaching, but the old wood was soft enough for a screwdriver.

Last but not least, adding the holder for missing socks my washboard decor. I had oodles of  vintage clothespins left over from these previous projects of mine., AND they fit right in with the theme.

vintage clothespins

So, I simply glued a clothespin on each side of the vintage washboard. And that was it!

Clothespins for missing socks

Washboard Decor for the Laundry Room

And there you have it, washboard decor for my laundry room that is both decorative and functional.

Laundry room wall decor with a washboard

But between you and me, my laundry room is a glorified closet that is illuminated by an overhead light, so I won’t even BOTHER to try and get a photo of it in there for you to see.

A holder for missing socks, a lint holder (to keep me from marching to the kitchen with lint in hand), and a place for pocket treasures. Adding a couple of D-ring hangers on the back will make it easy to hang in my laundry room, too.

Washboard decor

How great is that? It’s cute and whimsical for a laundry room, but actually functional as well! AND it comes together in just a few minutes- no paint to dry or lots of effort involved at all.

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And if you enjoyed this easy upcycling idea for washboard decor, then you’ll love this windmill wall decor that I made from ceiling fan blades, too!

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Craft on!


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  1. Sheryl Danner says

    Your posts never disappoint❤️

  2. What a find that washboard was – I love what you did with it!

  3. That is so cute!!! I may have to steal that idea! Of course, my husband grungy gym socks wouldn’t look half as cute hanging there 🙂

  4. Patty Soriano says

    I am also a Silly Sox Sucker! Because I love plants, I really like the succulents!! SO cute! I collect the washboards and have them all in my laundry room. Lotsa fun! And so….do you do something with your lint collection? 😉

  5. Oh Sarah, I just love this! I have always had a soft spot for these old washboards, but what you did to this little cutie just makes my heart sing!

  6. That is stinkin’cute! ❤️

  7. This is absolutely adorable! We built in 2004, and I’ve never decorated the laundry room with any kind of decor or wall art! This would be great in there! Love the idea!

  8. suesbetwixthomeandschool says

    Such a functional treatment to this adorable washboard. I love that this washboard has multi-functions! Awesome job!

  9. My lost socks always need some help! That turned out adorable!

  10. Kristin salazar says

    I love this! I recent picked one up and have been wondering what I should do with it! Thanks for some inspiration!

  11. Vickie Garlock says

    I really like what you did with this washboard. I have not seen one I really cared about until now nicely done.

  12. I am so jealous of that washboard. I love what you did with it.

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