Farmhouse Kitchen Storage with a Kitchen Caddy from a Magazine Rack

Farmhouse Kitchen Storage with a Kitchen Caddy from a Magazine Rack

Magazine racks or wooden magazine files are a pretty common sight at thrift stores, aren’t they? I’ve certainly seen my fair share of them, and have even repurposed them before. Upcycling another one wasn’t a priority for me, but this particular one couldn’t be passed up. Large, sturdy, and ripe for a makeover, it seemed destined to become a kitchen caddy.

Wooden magazine file at thrift store for upcycling into kitchen caddy bin

Why, you might ask? Well, it really was the straight up-and-down sides that spoke to me.

Most magazine racks are angled out (as if you were looking straight at a boat from the tip of the bow). And sure, you could put cooking supplies, but they wouldn’t be as secure and would need a wider space to live in a kitchen.

But not with this large magazine rack! As tall as he was, he was still relatively narrow and compact.

Magazine storage that will be repurposed into a rolling storage bin for cooking supplies

I couldn’t wait to get started on his transformation into farmhouse kitchen storage!

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Transforming a Wooden Magazine File into a Kitchen Caddy

First, I needed to clean him up and prep him for painting. Whatever he held in his previous life had scarred and gouged him up pretty badly.

He was positively filthy, as if he had lived in a barn or basement and had been neglected for years.

Wooden storage bin to be cleaned and given a makeover for modern farmhouse decor

For painting, I selected a pale, heathery grey for my magazine rackI don’t use grey very much, but I thought it would be ideal for a modern farmhouse look. 

And spray painting appealed to me in the hot weather, as opposed to slower brush painting.

Spray painting the magazine storage with grey paint for modern farmhouse decor

After I was satisfied with the paint job, I used my favorite flexible sandpaper to distress the edges and corners.

Kitchen caddy bin and farmhouse kitchen storage from a wooden magazine file

Farmhouse Kitchen Storage with a Rolling Storage Bin

When all was said and done, this is how he looked. 

All fresh and clean now, and primed for the finishing touches to transform into into a kitchen caddy and rolling storage bin!

Distressing spray paint on a wooden storage bin for a modern farmhouse kitchen

Of course, I could have stopped at this point- but what’s the fun in that? I figured if I took a couple of additional steps, it would make this project just that much better!

First, I used my drill to attach four small (1½”) casters to the underside of the kitchen caddy.

The bottom of this particular magazine rack is actually set in/raised so that he sits on the side rails as feet. So, I placed the casters far enough in and out to rotate fully without butting up against those side rails.

Attaching the casters to a wooden magazine file to make it into a rolling storage bin

Next, I drilled in two black robe hooks, one on each side of the kitchen caddy.

You could certainly add more hooks than that, depending on what you plan on hanging. But two were good enough for me.

Farmhouse kitchen storage and wooden storage bin for a modern farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen Caddy and Rolling Storage Bin from a Magazine Rack

And that was it! My kitchen caddy and rolling storage bin was done and ready to be filled with cooking supplies.

Doesn’t it look SO MUCH BETTER than before? Modern farmhouse style and perfectly upcycled into farmhouse kitchen storage.

Kitchen caddy and rolling storage bin for cooking supplies in a modern farmhouse kitchen

For those of us with smaller or galley-style kitchens, this sucker really comes in handy. ESPECIALLY if you have an empty narrow space that is under-utilized.

The casters make it easy to move and it can hold whichever cooking supplies make the most sense. For me, that included bakeware (sheet pans, muffin tin, etc.), and baking supplies such as tin foil and parchment paper.

Oh! And those hooks I added to the sides of the kitchen caddy? Those are for my oven mitts!

Cooking supplies in a rolling storage bin or kitchen caddy from a wooden magazine file

I just LOVE upcycling the magazine racks for any variety of storage options, well beyond the glossy pages of your favorite rag. Would this kitchen caddy and rolling storage bin come in handy for you?

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a kitchen caddy, then please check out this upcycling idea for a password book! Another thrift store find gets a fresh and modern repurpose that comes in SO handy.

Password book or password organizer from upcycling a small address book from the thrift store

Craft on!


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Upcycling the magazine storage into a kitchen caddy for cooking supplies and modern farmhouse kitchen decor


  1. I love it! And I love the paint color you chose! Great job!!!

  2. Oh my gosh so cute! Now I have got to find one! 🙂

  3. Really like that bakeware storage in a magazine rack. But alas, my magazine rack is in a table. Too big for wall or counter.

  4. So cute! From one tiny handed girl to another, I need those oven mitts!

  5. I love this! So clever, functional, and great looking! You come up with the best projects, Sarah!

  6. That was a great find! I am actually using an old magazine rack for my cutting boards and cookie sheets. It has angled sides – sure would love to find one with straight ones! Yours looks great and the wheels are the perfect touch!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      That’s what I figured…the angled sides would work, but the straight sides make it a little less cumbersome. Happy hunting and thank you!

  7. Very clever upcycle! I haven’t seen a magazine rack like this before but would love to find one. This would come in real handy. Love it!

  8. Sarah, this is another one of those, wow how did she ever come up with this awesome idea posts! I love the addition of the casters on this caddy too!

  9. Hmmmm, I like the idea of wheels! I have some awesome vintage magazine racks that I adore but with my aversion to digital magazines, the racks get soooooo heavy! Wheels will make them so much easier to access my favorite mags! Just roll ’em around in the guest bedroom or family room to find that sweet spot on a cool Fall day while sipping on yummy coffee! Wheels and side hooks…

  10. I really like it. This week I came home with a black, rustly magazine rack that is due for painting. I have another magazine rack that might work for this project. My kitchen does not have space underfoot to use this, but on my next trip to ReStore, I’m looking for the casters!

  11. What a cute idea, I love this! Happy Saturday!


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