Loose Leaf Tea Strainers as Christmas Ornaments

Loose Leaf Tea Strainers as Christmas Ornaments

Over my thrifting and vintage-shopping adventures, I had accumulated a handful of loose lea tea strainers in different shapes and sizes. For whatever reason, I couldn’t stop buying them, especially when I’d spot one that was yet a different shape.

Loose leaf tea holder

As I collected them, I realized that they were, in fact, ideal for upcycling into rustic Christmas ornaments. Between the cute little shapes, the hanging chain, and the built in hook, they ready to hang on a tree as-is!

Loose leaf tea strainers

But then upcycling fate intervened. Before I had hung the tea strainers on our Christmas tree, I stumbled across a bag of chandelier crystals while thrifting.

Chandelier crystals for upcycle crafts

Why they were labeled as “phone supplies”, I’ll never know…

And that’s when I thought…why not combine the two? A little rustic with the galvanized-look of the tea strainers, and a little glam with the gleam of the crystals- the perfect odd couple. 

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Ornament Making with Loose Leaf Tea Strainers and Chandelier Crystals

First, I started by disconnecting the hanging chain on each tea infuser using jewelry pliers

I aimed to do this in the middle of each chain (approximately).

Upcycle idea for a loose tea infuser

Next, I inserted a chandelier crystal into the chain using the crystal’s original hardware.

Attaching the chandelier crystals to a loose lea tea holder

Following that, I put the chain back together- but a little shorter than it was originally.

Now that it’ll be an ornament, the chain doesn’t need to be long enough to accommodate a teapot or tall mug. But that is completely optional – if you typically use a huge Christmas tree, then you may want the longer chain.

But, I wanted a little more glam on the tea infusers. So, I added another chandelier crystal to the bottom of the strainer.

I fed the original crystal hardware through one of the straining/steeping holes already in the strainer. Then, I bent the wire inside the strainer to keep it secure and the crystal in place.

Craft ideas for vintage tea strainers

And just like that, the first of my loose leaf tea strainers had been upcycled into a Christmas ornament!

Making an ornament from a loose leaf tea holder

I did it over and over again, making each one different. I used combinations of elements from my craft stash to create them:

That’s it! Then, I simply did this over and over again until all of the tea strainers had been converted into Christmas ornaments.

Ornament making with loose leaf tea strainers

Aren’t they so pretty? I really love how they look and how customizable they are.

I know a loose tea infuser is meant to go in a mug, but they really are perfect as Christmas ornaments, too.

Loose Leaf Tea Strainers as Christmas Ornaments

I decided to do one more thing…but this is totally optional.

I had this bag of mulled cider spices– cinnamon, allspice, orange peel, star anise, and cloves that smells AMAZING. So, I decided to pour some into each tea infuser for a little holiday fragrance on my tree!

Mulled cider spices as potpourri

And I will not judge anyone that leans in and sniffs my ornaments; in fact, I invite them to do it!

Either way, I’m pretty sure that tea strainers and chandelier crystals are a match made in holiday heaven!

Vintage tea strainers as Christmas ornaments on a tree

What do you think? Will you be hunting for loose leaf tea strainers on your next thrifting adventure?

Vintage tea strainers as Christmas ornaments with chandelier crystals

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for unusual Christmas ornaments, then you may also be interested in a unique Christmas wreath! This plaid wreath was made from several thrifted flannel shirts.

Plaid Christmas wreath from recycled flannel shirts

Speaking of flannel and ornaments, I made a few different varieties of them in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”, as well! You can find my book online at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

diy christmas ornaments from flannel shirts

Craft on!


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  1. What a great idea!!

  2. I love these! They make such cute ornaments with just the right amount of bling.

  3. You bring back memories of my sisters and I cleaning our very large crystal chandelier, which had belonged to my great-grandmother. We would have an assembly line of removing the crystals, washing, rinsing, drying, and re-hanging. I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but I do love crystals. Love your ornaments and wish I could find some old tea strainers.

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  7. I love this and the crystal adds the sparkle. Too bad I only have one strainer, darn.

  8. Once again, you’ve come up with something really amazing that I would never have thought to do and I actually have several tea strainers that were my Grandmothers!

  9. chris aka monkey says

    sarah once again you have amazed me with the way you think these are lovely just lovely xx

  10. These are amazing Sarah. Well done.

  11. Very cute. I was thinking as I looked at them you could put some scented things in them–ha, ha, ha, you beat me to it. But the spices were a great idea as I can not be around any artificialy scented things–like candles, air freshners, warming pots etc but being they are real spices I can!

  12. You are so cool with your projects, Sarah. Really.

  13. These are so unique and so cool! What an awesome idea.

  14. You created such beautiful ornaments! But I confess, I’m sitting here imagining the phone that used those “phone supplies.” Liberace’s phone, maybe?

  15. How adorable are these!!! Adding potpourri inside – even better. Pinning and sharing

  16. Hi there I just love the repurpose of the tea strainers, they are super cool! They look perfect on the tree. I am using many of my vintage cookie cutters in my Christmas décor….Happy decorating! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  17. Those are so cute!! I have a small collection of tea strainers, I may have to make ornaments from them now!


  18. You had me at .. Etsy shop. Love your crafty self. Bought it!

  19. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says

    Sarah these are too adorable. I want that little house! Love what you did with them.

  20. We have the crystals from my wife’s family’s chandelier. The glass arms broke, and we are using the crystals in our crafts.

  21. I don’t know how you do it Sarah, but everything you make is just wow. What a brilliant idea and the crystals add such a lovely touch. Your ornaments are beautiful

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  26. I have started collecting tea balls for this very same purpose! Well, I didn’t think to add the bling and spices–both great ideas! I have really been struggling to find many tea balls. Where do you find most of yours? Online? I think they are hard to find!

  27. I love this and the look of your blog…its so beautiful, im just starting out and i can see i have alot to learn! Thanks for sharing!!

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  36. Love this! I did a theme tree this year with teacups, miniature spoons, and tea strainers as the ornaments. I will definitely be reworking the strainers for next year. Always enjoy your creativity!

  37. Wow…so pretty! 🙂

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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  40. I love this idea so much! I’m doing a bit of a DIY ornament roundup and am including this. There will be a link back here! I hope that’s okay with you.

  41. Judy Galbraith says

    What a clever idea. Classy and old fashioned.

  42. This is so cute! And you definitely scored on that bag of “phone supplies.” I would have squealed, too.

  43. Always happy to have you join us at Celebrate Your Story!

  44. Another 2 items to add to my “look for” list. I have found tea strainers in GW but that would be a lot slower than Etsy! Seen some cute angels made with 2 piece crystals. That Look for list is getting longer all the time. Am putting Christmas craft stuff away; I am burnt out and need room for decor!

  45. Bought a box of crystals for 50 cents this summer- now must hunt for tea strainers- I use the few I have. Thanx for a terrific idea!!!

  46. These are so cute! I pick up a couple to make ornaments but just haven’t got around to it yet. I wish I could find some unusual tea strainers like you found.


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