DIY Wreath with a Valentine’s Candy Box

DIY Wreath with a Valentine’s Candy Box

When I was a little, I simply adored a chocolate heart box that held Valentine chocolates. Frilly, lacy, and covered in ruffles, they lined the grocery and drug store shelves. The fancier, the better, as far as I was concerned. And as I was brainstorming ideas for Valentine’s Day home decor this year, my mind went back in time to those Valentine’s candy boxes, and a simple craft project idea was born!

Vintage valentine decorations with a heart shaped candy box

They came in pink and red, and I think I remember yellow ones, too!

Anyway, these are the two chocolate heart boxes that I was able to find:

Chocolate heart box for upcycling into a heart shaped wreath as vintage valentine decorations

Transforming a heart-shaped chocolate box into a wreath for Valentine’s Day was going to be the easiest craft project ever. I only needed a few other craft supplies and about five minutes of time.

Upcycling a chocolate heart box into a heart wreath for Valentine's Day decor

So, let’s get to it!

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Upcycling a Chocolate Heart Box into Valentine’s Day Home Decor

First, I needed to add a hanging mechanism to my Valentine’s candy box. Speaking of which, you find find vintage chocolate boxes like this on Etsy- which is where I found mine.

Basically, I just needed to punch small holes in the bottom half of the box. The holes did, however, need to be evenly spaced near the top of the heart.

After measuring and marking punch-dots on the back, I placed the box bottom over a short stack of scrap wood, and carefully tapped holes through my marks using my festive craft hammer and awl.

Poking holes through the back of a heart candy box to make a Valentine's Day wreath

If you didn’t have an awl, you could do the same thing with a hammer and a nail. Just tap lightly so that you don’t crust the paper board.

Next, I cut a short length of ruffled ribbon to hang my Valentine’s wreath. And you won’t believe the CUTEST thing I found to connect it to the box.

Attaching a hanging ribbon to the back of a chocolate heart box that will be Valentine's Day home decor

Heart-shaped paper fasteners! (Or brads…I always called them brads in the past). But, how perfect (and crazy easy) is that?

And OMG, I just thought of the funniest project joke: What do you call a small hole for a paper fastener? 

A BRAD PIT! (wink, wink)

Hanging a heart candy box or heart shaped chocolate box for a Valentines Wreath

Here’s a view from inside the chocolate heart box…

Paper fasteners to hold a hanging ribbon on the back of a chocolate heart box

And that was it! Now I had a super simple-to-make Valentine’s wreath that is an honest to goodness 5 minute craft.

But I have to confess, I did two more completely optional steps…which added a few more minutes to my crafting schedule…

First, I used double-sided tape inside the heart shaped chocolate box to keep it closed while hanging. It was already pretty secure on its own, but this was just simple insurance for my piece of mind.

Double sided tape to keep a heart candy box closed when used as a heart shaped wreath for Valentine's Day

Then, I used my hot glue gun to freshen up the flower on the center of my heart wreath. It had gotten smooshed over the years and the petals needed some help staying open.

Of course, not every chocolate box will need this, but mine did.

Fixing the flowers on vintage Valentine decorations with a hot glue gun

DIY Wreath with a Valentine’s Candy Box

NOW I was done! Still…pretty darn close to a five-minute project, even with the optional steps!

Valentine's Day home decor with a heart shaped chocolate box used as a heart wreath

Isn’t she pretty? Like she was always meant to become a wreath.

DIY wreath from valentines candy boxes

A couple of other things to note…

  • You could easily make this Valentine’s wreath with a plain chocolate box! Simply add the embellishments yourself, using whatever lace, ribbon, or silk flowers you have.
  • Because the paper brads can be easily removed, just tuck the ribbon hanger and brads inside the box when you store it for the rest of the year- then they won’t get lost.

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Valentine’s Day home decor, you’ll love this display for vintage Valentines with a carpet beater, too!

Vintage valentine decorations on an antique rug beater

Or, for a fun change of pace without any pink or red, check out these heart decorations with an industrial twist!

Valentine's Day home decor from heart cake pans

Craft On!


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  1. Norma Rolader says

    How adorable

  2. What a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing this Sarah, you brought back a rush of Valentine’s memories from my childhood!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Do you remember the store shelves being lined with these? They were still pretty “fluffy” in the 80s when my Dad would buy them for my Mom and I.

  3. These are so great to repurpose! Wish I had some of the ones I’ve run across over the years (and thrown away). This is a cute way to bring back the memories!

  4. This is a cute and easy idea!!! I’ll share this on my fb page when I return from trip.

  5. Virginia Seward says

    Loved it, just bought the red heart from your shop!

  6. I took an old heart shaped Valentine box and fancied it up a few tears ago,. I haven’t used it in the last couple of years but you inspired me to turn it into a wreath and use it this year..

  7. Adorable! As usual, I love your idea. I have a heart that is several years old but rather plain. I like the idea of embellishing it with lace ruffles and flowers. I’m gonna keep it simple, though, and just make a hole in the back of the box to hang it on the nail. My front “door” is glass French doors and it has vinyl clings all over it (Better Homes and Gardens is NOT knocking on my door for my style!). The hall closet door becomes the place for all my “door” arrangements.

  8. I love this easy idea for a wreath! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Very sweet! Great that all the decorative elements were already on the box. Talk about a fast upcycle! Visiting from Remodelaholic.


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