Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

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When the Ball Company reissued their Spring Green mason jars earlier this year, I bought a pack of six to use as drinking glasses. That, of course, meant that the six lids were fair game for crafts!

Mason Jar lid rings to be repurposed into Christmas ornaments wreath /

Ready to be repurposed…

I had seen this idea on Chipping with Charm and just loved it. It was perfect for my spare lids!

So I gathered my base materials (jute twine, cotton twine, and braided silk cord)- some from the hardware store, some from craft stores- and got to work.

Mason Jar lid rings to be repurposed into Christmas ornaments wreath /

Wrapping supplies

This is so simple! I tied a knot around the mason jar lid to keep the rope in place, and then wound my rope tightly around the lid.

Wrapping mason jar lid rings to repurpose and create Christmas wreath ornaments by Sadie Seasongoods /

Let the wreath-wrapping begin…

When I was finished, I tied another knot and added some hot glue to keep everything in place.

Repurposed mason jar lid rings as Christmas wreath ornaments by Sadie Seasongoods /

Now for the embellishments!

And then I embellished my little mason jar lid “wreathes”!! I used whatever crafting ribbon I had on hand- first adding a loop to hang the ornament on the tree, and then a cute little bow. And the bow plays an important role by hiding the lump caused by the knot in the rope.

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

Aww, how cute!

Within a couple of hours, I had made several ornaments! It’s the perfect project to do with a group, with kids, or if you think you just aren’t crafty.

For this one, I used narrow lace to wind around the lid, and then added narrow rick-rack on top to give it a candy cane look.

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

A candy cane wreath!

I also used my braided silk cord (which has a nice shimmer) and green ribbon.

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

Look very, very closely at those “berries”…

And you’ll NEVER guess what I used for the dainty red berries…

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

Yet another weird thrifting find…

Crazy, right? I found these never-used nose studs at a thrift shop in Savannah, Georgia. I knew someday they’d come in handy!

And for my fourth ornament, I used natural jute twine, extra lace from the candy cane wreath, and little holly embellishment. I just love the rustic look of the jute!

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

Ooh, I love this one, too!

I still have two mason jar lid rings left and the possibilities are endless- I have thicker jute to try out, but I also think eyelash or nubby yarn would be awesome, too!

DIY Christmas Wreath ornaments from repurposed mason jar lid rings by Sadie Seasongoods /

All done!

Cute, right? And wonderfully simple to do. So, moral of the story, always keep lids you don’t use!

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Craft on!


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  1. So are so creative and I love the nose ring berries. (Since I am also logged in to the identity I use for my blog, the comments don’t show that they are from me.) Kitty of HVD

  2. Clever idea! Love it!

  3. love the ‘berries’! Such a fun idea and easy to make so awesome for all craft levels!

  4. Susie Green says:

    Thrift stores are the best places to find unusual things, right! And look how perfect those nose studs are in your wreath. Beautiful!!

  5. What was the length of the cord you used to wrap around

    • says:

      Hi, there! I actually made these a couple of years ago and don’t recall exactly how long it was. I’m so sorry I’m unable to help!

  6. Terrific ideas. Would love to try these with my two granddaughters. Simply lovely.

  7. I absolutely love these – and what a great project for kids too! thanks for sharing the the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  8. So cute.

  9. These are beautiful and it looks easy :)) Well done!

  10. What size lids were used?

  11. That was quite a thrifting find! Kind of creepy!

  12. Great project, Sarah! I love handmade ornaments! Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It! Can’t wait to see your creativity next week! 🙂

  13. So sweet and simple. Love the twine one with red ribbon.

  14. I love these. I might need to make some. Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week!

  15. These ornaments are so cute, Sarah.It’s a great repurposing idea. I love the colors you used for them. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning to my Christmas Board.

  16. This is such a creative up-cycling idea! I really appreciate you taking the time to share at The Crafty Corner link party! I hope to see you there again.

  17. So cute and a quick& easy project. Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  18. Ok these are adorable, and I love that you used nose studs for the berries; super clever!!! I just wanted to let you know that these were my pick for Rockstar of the week over at the Creativity Unleashed link party, so thanks for sharing over there! Voting is open for MEGA Rockstar of the week so stop by and vote, and I hope you win this week!

  19. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    Sarah these are adorable. And so easy to make. I like that they have a festive vintage feel to them.

    • says:

      Thank you so very much, Mary! I’m floored at how popular these have become this year…I made them when I first started blogging and didn’t know what I was doing!!

  20. These are so stinkin cute! Pinned!! 🙂

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  21. I have been doing something similar for years using the plastic lips of individual yogurt cups. I take two, put them together and wind string, yarn, etc. around them. I also wind strips of cloth or even paper! Love recycling and repurposing things.

    • says:

      Awesome!! My entire blog is dedicated to recycling and repurposing ideas, so we are two peas in a pod! 🙂

  22. I love this project. I just saw it being shared in it’s entirety on my local news channel. I’m not sure what your sharing policy is – but you you can check out the segment here.

    • says:

      Thanks for looking out for me, Gina! KHQ had reached out to me ahead of time, and I coordinated with them on the photos they used. But I really appreciate you letting me know- a lot of times, my photos/etc. are shared without my permission! Hugs!!

      • I’m glad they contacted you first. They have a really bad habit of sharing ideas & giving away so much that it gives little reason to visit the site. I have gone rounds with them over it. But I feel so much better knowing that you already knew about it.


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