Mason Jar Lid Ornaments with Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments with Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

A few years ago, I made these DIY Wreath Ornaments using the bands from canning jars after I bought a set of mason jars to use as drinking glasses. I had no intention of making another kind of mason jar lid ornaments, but then thrifting fate intervened. Earlier this year, I came across a bag of canning jar lids, in various sizes, colors, and brands, and I couldn’t bear to leave it behind.

Mason jar lids and bands for craft projects

After mulling over different ways to upcycle them, I decided to pair them up with scraps of vintage Christmas wrapping paper.

Vintage Christmas wrapping paper

I had plenty left over from this project of mine and it just seemed like a match made in DIY heaven!

Christmas tree lantern from a camper jack

Unlike the mason jar lid wreaths I made before, this upcycling idea would use both the lid and the band.

So, I gathered some crafting materials and went to work on my new idea for mason jar lid ornaments.

Mason jar bands and lids for craft ideas

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Making the Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

First things first, I needed to pop a hole in each band (so that I could hang them from the tree). So I gathered a few canning jar lids and popped holes in the them using an awl.

Punching a hole in a mason jar lid

Next, I set the bands aside to focus on the vintage Christmas wrapping paper. I needed scraps that had good graphics (size, color, etc.) that would fit inside the mason jar lids.

Once I isolated the image, I cut it out to fit the lid (either by tracing or using a rotary cutter around the ring).

Craft ideas for vintage Christmas wrapping paper

Since the vintage Christmas wrapping paper was fragile and easily torn, I wanted to laminate it. I don’t have a machine to do that, but no problem- I just grabbed laminating sheets which are super easy to use.

Laminating the graphics from vintage Christmas wrapping paper

If you recall, I’ve used these laminating sheets on several projects over the years! Same box, too.

First, I cut a laminating sheet into quarters- using one quarter on the front and one on the back of my gift wrap circle.

Retro Christmas decorations from vintage wrapping paper

Make sure you use the flat canning jar lid to smooth out the laminated wrapping paper- rub it like a quarter on a scratch-off lottery ticket all over and in multiple directions- trust me!

Retro Christmas Decorations with Canning Jar Lids

Then, I trimmed off the excess laminating sheet and trimmed my gift wrap insert. I wanted to make sure if fit perfectly inside one of the bands!

Mason jar lid ornaments for retro Christmas decorations

Next, I used a quick-dry glue to attach the laminated wrapping paper graphics to the canning jar lids.

Retro graphics from vintage Christmas wrapping paper

While I forgot to take photos, I also spray painted the bands in Christmas colors that coordinated with each gift wrap circle!

I used more quick-dry glue on the inside of the ring, lined up my graphic with the hole I punched in the ring earlier, and glued it in place.

Mason jar lid craft with vintage Christmas wrapping paper

Lastly, I slipped a knotted loop of embroidery floss through the hole in the band. Now I could hang my mason jar lid ornaments on the tree!

Adding a hanger to mason jar lid ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments with Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

And that’s it. I had an entire set of mason jar lid ornaments from canning jar lids and vintage Christmas wrapping paper.

Such fun craft project to do with the girls, the grands, or solo this holiday season.

Mason jar lid ornaments as a Christmas craft idea

These are ideal for anyone who needs ornaments that won’t break…and they don’t take up much room to store, either.

And you certainly don’t have to use Christmas gift wrap with your canning jar lids. Old Christmas cards, holiday craft paper, or printables from sites like The Graphics Fairy would be perfect as well.

Mason jar lid ornaments as a mason jar lid craft

I never get tired of DIY Christmas Ornaments, especially when I can upcycle items from my craft stash together!

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for retro Christmas ornaments, then you’ll love this Boho Christmas tree from a bamboo wine rack!

Boho Christmas tree from a bamboo wine rack

Craft on!


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  1. girlfromwva says

    love them!

  2. Debra A Wise says

    Love these ornaments! You are so creative. Where did you get the vintage Christmas wrapping paper?

  3. So cute, Sarah. I love mason jar crafts. I’m just getting started on Christmas projects.

  4. Fun! Love the vintage wrapping paper. Makes me think of my grandma. Visiting from Dishing It Digging It party.

  5. Linda Nelson says


  6. Love your projects as usual! Laminating them is genius! I’d leave the metal lid off and let the light shine through them too; I’m a sucker for the stained glass look! These wjould also be great for grands to make for grandparents with their school pictures! I’m waiting to find a bunch of lids–cheap. Did buy a baggie of juice lids that already had Christmas/birthday cards glued to them; someone musta cleaned out their stash. Embellished the edges with lace, some with pearls, a ribbon to hang…to the church fair they went! I’d love to see more of your Christmas ideas.

  7. Love them! I have old Christmas cards that would be cool to use this way. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. 🙂

  8. Patty Soriano says

    If you can’t find colorful floss, there is that popular striped string (can’t think what it’s called) at Dollar Tree. In Christmas colors! One package of 3 or 4 for $1.00.

  9. Love these, need to dig the my moms LARGE stash of canning supplies!

  10. Diana Gashwiler says

    Very cute idea! I think I would add another cut out circle to the back side of the ornament, in case it turns around while on the tree. I have used this idea for lids on gift in a jar presents!

  11. Oh does that vintage wrapping paper take me down memory lane. Love these ornaments, Sarah and pinned to share.

  12. Peggie Russo-Millard says

    Love the ideas.

  13. Love these, Sarah! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. I love mason jar crafts in general and really love these lid ornaments. But it’s the vintage paper that really make these ornaments extra special. Love these!

  15. I love anything vintage, and this idea of your vintage Christmas ornaments are perfect! I wil for sure make this to hang on our tree. Thank you, and Happy Holidays

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