Christmas Snowglobes in Vintage Mason Jars

Christmas Snowglobes in Vintage Mason Jars

A few years ago, I made a series of Christmas snowglobes – the waterless kind. A trendy retailer had advertised their version for an uppity price, prompting me to try and recreate them myself. And let me tell you, an obsession was born! Of course, my versions were made with vintage mason jars (or other old jars) and vintage Christmas decorations that were dainty enough to fit.

And even though I made my vintage snow globes in the years pre-blog, I decided I re-create one to show you how I made them! For this one, I even found a vintage jar with a red lid (PERFECT!) and a Christmas tree design in the glass.

Peanut butter jar or vintage mason jar to be upcycled into a snowglobe for Christmas decor

I also gathered a few more things that I would need, including: artificial snow, scrap Styrofoam, a foam cutter, a bottlebrush Christmas tree, and my hot glue gun.

Craft supplies and a foam cutter for making vintage snow globes in antique mason jars

And last but not least, I grabbed some other minis that would get tossed around with the artificial snow. Namely, I wanted dollhouse-sized Christmas presents and possibly some miniature pine cones.

Miniature pinecones and dollhouse Christmas presents to use in Christmas snowglobes

NOW I could get started on my Christmas snowglobes! This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Creating the Snowglobes with Vintage Christmas Decorations

First, I removed the lid from my peanut butter jar (or whatever kind of vintage jar it was) and traced it on the Styrofoam with a pen.

Tracing the lid of a peanut butter jar on Styrofoam to be cut out with a foam cutter

Next, I used a foam cutter or hot pen to cut out the Styrofoam circle.  I carefully shaved off about ¼” from my circle all the way around. The foam cutter makes this step an absolute cinch!

Then, I set the foam circle on the inside of my jar lid, making sure there was plenty of clearance for screwing back on the jar. When I was satisfied, I glued the foam to the inside of the lid with my hot glue gun.

Making a Styrofoam base for Christmas snowglobes with a foam cutter in a peanut butter jar

Why am I adding the Styrofoam and not just gluing a bottlebrush tree directly to the lid? Because I want to “raise up” my tree and decorations above the neck of the jar. Otherwise, the view can get distorted and it’s harder to see all the little festive bits you add inside.

After that, I placed my bottlebrush Christmas tree on the foam. Before gluing it to the center, I set the jar over it to make sure the tip wouldn’t touch the bottom of the jar (which will actually be the top).

Then, I simply hot glued the base of the tree to the Styrofoam base.

Attaching a bottlebrush Christmas tree to the strofoam base for a vintage snow globe in a peanut butter jar

Finally, it was time to add the decorative bits to the inside of my vintage jar! First, I dropped some miniature dollhouse Christmas presents inside…

Making vintage snow globes in antique mason jars with vintage Christmas decorations

After that, I poured in about 3/4″ of artificial snowBecause every jar size is different and every Styrofoam base will be of different thicknesses, there’s not exact way to figure out how much snow you need to cover the base. Start with a little and add more as needed.

Adding the artificial snow or craft snow to a vintage mason jar to make the Christmas snow globes

And now the moment of truth. I screwed the lid of the jar…

Bottlebrush Christmas tree in a peanut butter jar as vintage Christmas decorations or snowglobes

And flipped it upside-down…which is now right-side-up!

Snowglobes and Vintage Christmas Decorations in Antique Mason Jars

After I flipped it, I determined I had too much snow…so I poured a little out and tried again. I shook it gently until I was happy with how the miniature Christmas presents looked, and that was it!

Vintage snow globes and vintage Christmas decorations in a peanut butter jar or mason jar

Isn’t that the CUTEST? I swear, vintage Christmas decorations and old glass jars really do make the best snowglobes.

Vintage Christmas decorations with antique mason jars and bottlebrush Christmas trees

So…do you think you’ll make some vintage Christmas snowglobes this holiday season? Such a fun upcycling craft project and perfect for those vintage Christmas decorations that deserve to be showcased!

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for vintage Christmas decorations, then you’ll love this winter scene I made with a cheese dome, too!

Making a winter scene with ice skaters on a frozen pond by upcycling a glass cloche or cheese dome

Craft on!


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  1. Thanks for linking up to Wordless Wednesday! Pinned!
    -Co-Host Coco

  2. Adorable. I want to find some items to make some of these. Thank you!

  3. Oh i love this idea! and you could make then for every holiday or special occasion or to suit a theme or just because you wanna! I need some accouterments!

  4. Love these! Totally 100% charming 🙂 I just wish I could find bottle brush trees.. I looked at all the craft stores near me and nothing!

  5. etcetorize says

    So adorable! Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  6. I have a couple ginormous vintage Ball jars I inherited from my Grandma. They’d be perfect for a Christmas tree snow globe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Gosh, this brings back memories. Love Vintage Christmas!! Pinned and Stumbled. Thanks for sharing with us at #homematters. Please come back this Friday!

  8. These are so cool Sadie!

  9. I’m almost afraid to get started because I know I’ll become addicted. This is so darn cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. I’m having a hard time getting my snowman to come together your craft looks alot easier then my idea thanks for sharing following on bloglovin from party in your pj’s have a great day

  11. love your new idea.
    really great !

  12. tennisqueen says

    So cute!

  13. This is so cute! I found you on Vintage Charm! I’ve been trying to think of a Christmas craft project that is easy and fairly quick for children to do. I have 5 grandkiddos from 2 – 14 and they will be here Thanksgiving. I wanted to take them all down to my craftroom in the basement so their mommies can have some alone time. And I found you! Thank you for the instructions. I’ll be doing this for sure with my grands!!!!

  14. Love this craft – easy, cute, and vintagey!

  15. Awesome idea, I love your jars!!

  16. You have some of the best ideas. These are darling! Thanks for posting to Throwback Thursday!

  17. Oh, I love these! They remind me of the snow globes from my childhood. I could spend hours just looking at them!
    If you have time, I would love for you to share this post over at the
    Holidays Celebration link party that is live right now! It’s such a neat idea, I’m sure our readers would love it too! (

  18. Amanda Kolb says

    These are super adorable! You always come up with the best ideas. I really like how you used old jars to make these. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  19. I recently made a mini waterless snow globe as a Christmas ornament exchange. It was fun to make and I plan to make more. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  20. Love it! such a cute idea.

  21. I LOVE snowglobes! 🙂 So fun!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Lovely work! I bet your girls loved making these! Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings, Janet

  23. I love these waterless snowglobes. I think they are better than ones with water. I need to make some of these. I even have a jar like your red one.

  24. These are fabulous! LOVE them! Thanks for sharing them off at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  25. I adoreee snowglobes and thank you for posting it. Something that my kids and I can happily venture at home..

  26. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party! Would love to have you comment at the party!

  27. These are so sweet and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it.

  28. Very cute! I will be making these with my kids and their cousins in a week! Thank you for the great idea. Sadie-Live, Laugh, & Craft

  29. Sarah – these are beautiful!

  30. I love this idea. They are so adorable.

  31. Simply adorable & original too! Happy Holidays from Nettie in Spanish Fork, UT

  32. adboone5209 says

    What an adorable idea! These snowglobes are so cute.

  33. ColleenB.~Texas says

    Absolutely Adorable. One thing I’m not short of is jars; miniature items…….yes. Oh, A Shop’n I will go. :}
    From what I can tell; you didn’t secure the mini gift packages down; that you let them fall where they be right along with the faux snow.
    Arrived here from ‘Life on Lakeshore Drive.’ and so glad I did.
    Heading up to sign up for your email newsletter

  34. Love these vintage, homemade snow globes! This will be a host pick on this week’s Funtastic Friday!

  35. I love waterless snow globes and plan to make a few with my grandkids this weekend. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  36. Another fabulous project Sarah!! These are so lovely and I’m delighted to be featuring them at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow and pinning.
    Merry Christmas xx

  37. Kathy A. says

    Oh no, NOW I have to keep on the lookout for old jars so I can do some. Maybe I can just dump out the old honey I have in a cute jar. I had been using all my current jars to put Epsom bath salts into! These are SOO cute. I have reindeer and bottle brush trees already waiting.Thank you!

  38. These are all so beautiful!!! Love all of the vintage goodies you used!

    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous project with us for Waste Not Wednesday.

  39. I love these. Also like the varied heights using books. Wish I had a good collection of Christmas books–I keep mailing them to SO’s grands in MN! I HATE the prices on the old square jars–even the NEW ones are high. I have thrifted containers like large brandy snifters–which obviously have to be shaken gently. I want to do one with the tree and free falling presents! Loved that! I keep an eye out all year long for trees, critters, etc. Have even used small salt shaker figurines! This year I made “ornaments” from vintage punch cups, trees, and Dollar Tree horses (and deer, too).


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