Pumpkin Decor from Straw Trivets

Pumpkin Decor from Straw Trivets

Whenever I see woven mats or straw trivets at thrift stores, I can’t help but grab them. And while I’ve upcycled trivets before into my boho basket wall décor, I’ve been secretly stashing away a few in fall colors. Because I wondered if I could turn them into pumpkin decor for Fall.

The boho basket wall décor project that I’d mentioned

Basket wall decor with Bohemian design

See? Those were in fun, bright colors- pinks, yellows, blues, greens. But the ones I’ve been hoarding more recently sport a much more autumnal palette.

vintage straw trivets

I’ve collected them from thrift stores and Etsy because of the influx of woven pumpkins that I see at craft and décor stores. There are tons of rattan pumpkins and similar versions everywhere I look.

woven pumpkin

So, I’m setting out to see if I can jump on the woven pumpkin decor bandwagon by upcycling a few of these trivets into pumpkin decor with a boho twist!

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Building Stands for the Straw Trivets

First and foremost, I needed to make little stands for my trivets so that they’d stand up on their own. So, I grabbed a few pieces of craft wood to bring my vision to life.

wood for building stands for the woven trivets

After coming up with a simple design and plan, I marked up the wood so Jon could cut it. I could have done it, but he’s always extra happy when I ask him to help out. Such a good guy!

He cut the pieces of wood for each stand, and I sanded down the edges to remove any future splinters. This was what each stand would eventually look like.

making the trivets stand upright

Next, I opted to stain the wood so that’d blend in a little better with the straw trivets and our home decor in general. I used Minwax stain in Honey, since I already had that in the garage.

staining the craft wood

Once the wood pieces were stained (and fully cured after a couple of days), it was time to construct the stands for my pumpkin decor. First, I glued the front ledge on top of the base with my hot glue gun.

building wooden stands for the woven trivets

Then, I placed the trivet against the front ledge and gently squeezed in the back ledge behind it before gluing the back in place.

gluing together the craft wood to form a wooden stand

This way, the trivets weren’t actually glued into the stands. The gentle squeeze or pressure between the ledges would keep them upright and stable, while still removable!

Finishing the Pumpkin Decor

And just like that, my straw trivets were standing and ready to become little pumpkins, thanks to their wooden stands.

upcycling idea for vintage trivets

Next, I needed to add stems to the multi-colored trivets. I assembled a few options: wooden knobs from a craft store and some vintage macrame beads from Etsy.

wooden stems for pumpkin decor

I ended up choosing the wooden knobs as stems. While not staining them, I did use a little wood conditioner on them before gluing them to the top of the straw trivets. 

pumpkin stems on straw trivets

Now for some pumpkin leaves! Since I never find faux foliage at craft stores that are actually shaped like pumpkin leaves, I opted for some small maple leaves from Michaels.

Which I gently painted with a combination of green paints for a mottled, sage-green look.

painting pumpkin leaves

The matte green paint was leftover from this heirloom pumpkin-painting project. The terracotta paint was from the same line as this popular vase makeover project but in a slightly more muted shade.

And there we have it- the straw trivets were now an abstract take on the woven pumpkin decor that’s so popular right now!

woven pumpkin decor

Pumpkin Decor from Straw Trivets

Sure, they’re not exactly an upcycled swap for the woven and rattan pumpkins that craft stores are offering these days. But still a fun boho take on pumpkin decor- especially if you have a nostalgic soft spot for these vintage trivets like I do.

boho pumpkin for fall decor

So, if you have any straw trivets in Fall-esque colors and hues, this might be a fun option. And if building little stands doesn’t interest you, I could totally see these being glued to wooden signs instead! Same effect without using a saw.

woven pumpkin or boho pumpkin

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Fall pumpkin decorations and Thanksgiving home decor

Craft on!


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straw trivets as woven pumpkins

woven trivets as rattan pumpkins

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  1. Suzanne Edinger says

    Sarah, simply fabulous! What a thrifty and fabulous seasonal decoration. Pinned.

  2. Sarah,
    so, so cute! While trying to choose my favorite, first it was the tall one that I would call Bert, then it was the shorter oblong one that I would call Ernie. 🙂
    That’s how I describe pumpkins, they’re either Berts or Ernies lol


  3. So simple and so splashy! You did it again!

  4. Those trivets are bringing back memories of my mom’s kitchen – in fact she still might have some of those trivets. Love those cute pumpkins!

  5. OK these are really cute, I love how they turned out! I feel like I never see any of these at our thrift stores. I just bought some rattan mini pumpkins in the dollar bin at target, I couldn’t resist lol

  6. Loved how you did the pumpkins and still left them “usable” if needed as a trivet! Fall seems to be so full of textured decor–more than other seasons, I think! I, too, have needed “pumpkin” leaves. I use faux grape leaves; your mottling the maple leaves was a fantastic idea.

  7. I’ve seen several of these lately at the thrift store. Wish I had picked them up now. They are perfect for fall pumpkins. Nostalgic and whimsical at the same time!

  8. While my son would love a spooky Halloween, I want pretty, and these pumpkin trivets are perfection! Love the stand and stem additions… really creative!

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