Beach Theme Decor with Coastal Farmhouse Candles

Beach Theme Decor with Coastal Farmhouse Candles

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it is just wickedly hot here- so much so that I long to stay inside where the A/C blows cold and I can daydream about the elusive cool summer day spent on the coast. And with that idea in mind, I decided it was time to create another project for beach theme decor or coastal interiors.

I wanted to create something that would coordinate with last year’s project, which I still love! Once again, I set out to combine my two of my favorite home decor styles- Farmhouse and Coastal- in one project.

And the item to be repurposed? Glass candle holders from the thrift store – there are ALWAYS a ton of options on the shelves.

Glass candle holders to upcycle with seaglass spray paint into decor for coastal interiors by Sadie Seasongoods

Ultimately, I ended up with this collection of glass candle holders and votive candle holders, ranging in size.

Glass candle holders and votive candle holders for upcycling into beach theme decor by Sadie Seasongoods

Here’s how my idea came to fruition. While cruising the craft store aisles, I came to the “beach” section- an aisle full of sand, shells, rope, etc. Fresh off of completing my recent washboard project, I noticed that decorative fishing net had essentially the same pattern as chicken wire.

That’s when I knew what my beach theme decor project would be. I’d combine the look of seaglass with the pattern of fishing net, but replace the net with chicken wire!

I still had plenty of chicken wire left in my garage. But…the crafting angels had different plans for me! As I turned down the next aisle, I found the most remarkable thing- chicken wire “ribbon”!

So, I set aside my big roll of chicken wire and decided to focus on the three smaller glass candle holders for now. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Creating Beach Theme Decor with Glass Candle Holders and Chicken Wire

With chicken wire ribbon and wire cutters in hand, I carefully wrapped my glass candle holders with the wire, and snipped off the length with about ½” of overlap.

Wrapping chicken wire around glass candle holders to transform them into coastal farmhouse decor by Sadie Seasongoods

There- just like that!

Beach theme decor with glass candle holders and chicken wire for coastal farmhouse style by Sadie Seasongoods

I wanted to make my chicken wire “sleeves” ahead of time- I’ll explain why in a moment! To finish it up, I simply bent back the wire upon itself to connect the ends and close my sleeve.

Small pliers come in really handy for this.

Coastal home decor or beach bathroom decor with glass candle holders and chicken wire by Sadie Seasongoods

When all was said and done, I put my wire and tools away and had these three glass candle holders ready for the next step.

Transforming glass candle holders from the thrift store into beach theme decor by Sadie Seasongoods

Using Seaglass Spray Paint to Create Coastal Home Decor

Now to complete my coastal farmhouse vision! I grabbed my leftover seaglass spray paint and gave the glass candle holders several light coats.

Seaglass spray paint on glass candle holders to become beach theme decor or beach bathroom decor by Sadie Seasongoods

After the seaglass spray paint had dried, I gave the the glass candle holders two light coats of matte sealant.

Beach bathroom decor by using seaglass spray paint on votive candle holders by Sadie Seasongoods

To tone down the bright shine of the chicken wire ribbon, I spray painted the sleeves in a favorite farmhouse paint, along with two light coats of a matte sealant. Then, I *very carefully* slid each sleeve around the glass candle holders.

And just like that, they became beach theme decor perfect for coastal interiors!

How to get the look of coastal farmhouse with seaglass spray paint and chicken wire by Sadie Seasongoods

This is why I made the sleeves before the glass candle holders were painted! Seaglass spray paint can scratch very easily, so I wanted to make sure I could just carefully slide on the sleeves after painting. Much better than doing all the measuring, clipping, and folding wire over the painted candle holders!

Candles for Beach Theme Decor / Coastal Decor

Last but not least, I dug out my LED tealight candles

Putting battery operated tea light candles inside coastal home decor seaglass candles by Sadie Seasongoods

To complete my coastal farmhouse vignette, I placed all three seaglass candles on a birch round, with a few shells. Gorgeous beach theme decor, or even beach bathroom decor, too! Either way, upcycling glass candle holders into coastal home decor is easy and fun.

Beach theme decor or coastal home decor with glass candle holders, chicken wire, and seaglass spray paint by Sadie Seasongoods

I really love the coastal farmhouse / beach theme decor look- and the chicken wire totally works instead of fishing net, don’t you agree?

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for beach theme decor, then you may also be interested in this beach-inspired message in a bottle craft idea, too!

Message in a bottle from wine bottle crafts and cork crafts for recycling glass into ocean decor by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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  1. Jess Serrano Gregg says

    I love the look of chicken wire meets seaglass! Two things you’d never expect to mesh but yeah.. you hit it! I want to try this look with a big blue square vase that’s really big and very heavy and I picked it up at a tag sale for .25 cents! Then I’ll add another dimension by lightly spraying the vase (it’s a true tinted blue not painted) with this seaglass paint… then add the chicken wire around it! I couldn’t figure out what to do with this vase anymore after it held a silk flower arrangement for like 8 years lol! I finally decided I was getting tired of looking at it and it’s in the donation box with one foot out the door but whoaa nelly!! I just dug it out to give it a new purpose. I think I’ll fill it with sand, and real seaglass, some of that sparkly rock stuff? Lol or maybe some acrylic gems, painted seashells, throw some led fairy lights in it and make an outdoor centerpiece when we dine poolside! Thanks for the inspiration! – jess


  3. So pretty and rich with ideas and inspiration – thank you!

  4. Lo-oove these, Sarah! I grew up in Hawai’i and adore sea glass decor in all it’s forms. I made party lanterns from repurposed jars and sea glass paint. I’ve used them over and over and over again simply by changing the embellishments on them.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Oh wow, a childhood in Hawaii- I can’t even imagine what that was like!!! (And thank you so very much!)

  5. Another great project! I bought some of that “ribbon” too, just haven’t gotten around to using it. I’m pinning this for later so I can come back when I have time. Love your candle holders!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Cecilia!! I still have loads of the ribbon left, so I’m sure you’ll see it again. 😉

  6. Shay Moore says

    Love these! I bought some of the wire ribbon last year, but had not used it in a project yet. One of those “hmmm, this is cool purchases”. Now I need to make some of these candle holders. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. You had me at whaaaaat, chicken wire ribbon? Where can I get me some! Before reading the post I assumed those were pretty LED operated candles and wondered where you found them. Had no idea they were thrift store glass that you painted! Great idea and they look so pretty. Pinned

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, girl!!!! I rarely shop at Hobby Lobby, but that’s where I found the “ribbon”- do you have those in your neck of the woods?

  8. I love your coastal farmhouse vignette! It turned out beautiful! Very clever idea in using chicken wire, and lucky to turn on that aisle where the chicken wire ribbon was. That is so cool I will have to get me some. Much easier then cutting off a big roll.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Yes!! The roll of ‘real’ chicken wire was a bit unwieldy for a small project like this- the “ribbon” version was much easier to work with on this scale.

  9. Why did you use the matte sealant? Is this to protect the finishes? Also, do you have to use an LED lights? Can you use a real candle?
    This is a great post! I’m pinning it to my Lake House Ideas page 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Yes, Christy- the matte sealant helps protect the finishes, but you still need to be careful with them- especially the seaglass paint. I never use real candles with anything I’ve painted, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Feel free to contact Krylon (the maker of the paint) directly to get their recommendation, though!

      • Thanks! You are such a doll! I Your blog is one of my very favorites! And, I’m much older than you!

        • FOLLOW UP: I did contact Krylon. Here’s what they said:
          “If the paint is used on the outside of the glass and not inside it should be fine to use a candle once the paint is dry. However, our glass paints are not high heat resistant so it could flake/peel with constant exposure. Please do a test area to ensure satisfactory results.”

  10. Theresa Sambrano says

    ANOTHER winner!

  11. Fonda Rush says

    It’s such a pretty arrangement. You nailed it!

  12. I just discovered the chicken wire ribbon today at Hobby Lobby. Love your coastal seaglass candle holders. The color is gorgeous.

  13. Kathy A. says

    Another great project. I love how they came out. I’m thinking Christmas presents; you have to start early if you are crafting them! I finally found the sea glass paint at Michael’s when they had a sale (B2,G1F) a few weeks ago. I wanted to try your project of the sea glass bottles. I don’t do Amazon–do you know if Michaels or Joannes carries Darice products? Hobby Lobby is 45 min. away! Now to find some thrifted glasses! Or AC Moore to have their plain candle cups on sale.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      That’s a good question- I’m not sure if they stock Darice products or not. But, I do think you can buy it online from Hobby Lobby. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it at Michaels and Joann because I prefer them (and AC Moore) over HL. Will let you know if I find any there!

  14. How cute are those? I love coastal anything and these are darling. Thank you for sharing at the Pin Junkie link party. Shared and Pinned.

  15. You always “WOW” me with your projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. natashalh says

    Very cool! I love costal crafts and I really enjoy how you used wire instead of netting!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Natasha! I wasn’t sure if it’d look ok at first…but it definitely grew on me!

  17. We live in coastal Georgia, and I’m all about coastal decor in the summer. I love the combination of chicken wire and the seagrass spray paint. This is a great up-cycle for the glass containers. I also use a lot of battery-powered candles. They’re safer, and I like that I can set them to automatically come on in the evening. Your coastal decor project looks super!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I love coastal Georgia- have spent quite a bit of time in Darien! Skipper’s Fish Camp is one of my all-time favorite places to eat. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  18. I have been considering this coastal meets farmhouse style for my itty bitty master bathroom. Pinning this craft for sure for future reference!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks so much, Heidi- I personally think it’s a great blending of styles that works well together!

  19. JaneEllen Jones says

    Took me while to get down to comment as was reading all the the previous comments, amazing what have learned doing that.
    Absolutely love your coastal farmhouse vignette. Will be on lookout for chicken wire ribbon, imagine that. Do have some of those glass hurricanes and the sea glass paint so can get started on project at least. What a wonderful and so smart idea.
    At first look knew I had to make some of these gorgeous candles, so Summer. Sure glad you shared this, you’ll have us all making these gorgeous candles. Need to print this out so can get busy tomorrow making them.
    Happy days

  20. That sea glass is just gorgeous and the combination of color and chicken wire is spot on! Thanks for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday, Sarah!

  21. These are great. Simple to do and pretty both, nothing better.

  22. I like the ribbon, I need to start cruising the craft stores again. The project looks terrific and does match last year’s project so nicely.

  23. Collecting wedding dec projects for January -this is HIGH on the priority list -TY

  24. Wow! That is such a beautiful transformation…now I have to find some chicken wire ribbon!

  25. Sea glass spray paint!? I didn’t know! What a great idea — and thanks!

  26. Sooooo pretty! I am dying to try that paint! And I LOVE the chicken wire! It’s all totally brilliant!

  27. Your sea glass jars turned out great. Very pretty!

  28. acraftymix says

    I swear there can only be one of you in this world Sarah, how do you come up with all these gorgeous things? They look so stunning and unique.

  29. Elizabeth Fencl says

    OMG, this is absolutely adorbable!! What a great idea! I LOVE chicken wire on anything, but to combine it with this color….awesome coolness!! I will be putting this one on my to do list for our lake house. Thank you for the idea!

  30. I love this! So pretty. I’m going to go get my sea glass spray paint as soon as possible. I just collected a bunch of small driftwood pieces and sea glass which would look nice thrown in too!

  31. Great job! I’ve never seen chicken wire “ribbon”.

  32. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says

    OK you know I will try not to get depressed that I don’t have that seaglass spray but you have to promise no more projects with it (so I’ll stop being jealous). Of course I’m only jealous cause it’s such a great project! 😉

  33. I have recently had fun using these sea glass paints. It is so easy to transform bargain glass like you did. the addition of the chicken wire is a perfect touch! Thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  34. I commented on this seaglass candle on the link party last week, but when I saw that you were featured, I was so excited. Congratulations on the feature!

  35. What a cool idea! I had no idea that there was a seaglass spray! Fascinating! 🙂 Lisa

  36. Such an easy way to transform a glass vase and so easy too! I’ve been meaning to get some sea glass paint and you’ve just encouraged me to get some.

  37. Sea glass paint?! I will be heading to the store today. Great project!

  38. This is really neat. I love the chicken wire covers for your pillar candles. So simple, yet it makes such a wonderful statement. Love the idea!

  39. Marci Coleman says

    I just love your projects. You have an innate ability to see something gorgeous out of just simple thrifted things. I will be making this one. Pinning it for sure.

  40. I now live in a Low Country home (my first of this style) so I am seriously doing this for our dining room! Coastal without being cheesy! 😊

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      YES, you read my mind- coastal without being cheesy. Not all coastal decor has to be Margaritaville-esque, right??

  41. These are Sooo Cute! I bought some sea glass spray paint to try from Walmart, but it was bad and wouldn’t spray so I took it back. I need to go look at Home Depot and get some. Looks like I need some of the chicken wire roll as well. LOL ! Love this!


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