Halloween House / DIY Haunted House with a Multi Photo Frame

Halloween House / DIY Haunted House with a Multi Photo Frame

When I first spotted this multi photo frame at Goodwill, it had been casually left in a basket of scarves and belts, as if the originally buyer had changed her/his mind. And as soon as I saw it, I thought, “Oh, look- a haunted house picture frame!”. But upon further inspection, I realized it was just in the shape of a Victorian house. With a Halloween makeover, however…it could EASILY become a DIY haunted house or Halloween house – don’t you think?

Multi photo frame at thrift store for upcycling into a Halloween house or DIY haunted house

Once I realized that, then I knew I WANTED it to become a a Halloween House, I was torn. Do I paint it or do I leave it alone?

Sometimes, the treasure needs to tell ME what to do. So, I disassembled what I could (the backing, the fading stock photo insert, etc.) to get a better look at things. From there, I realized that the whole thing just looked dirty and that painting it was the best way to go. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Preparing to give a Halloween makeover to a multi photo frame by removing backing

Upcycling a Multi Photo Frame into a Halloween House

I could have spray painted it black, but I didn’t want to accidentally over spray and lose some of the details of the frame with pooled up paint. Instead, I bought a sample of black latex (semi-gloss) and brush painted the multi photo frame, ultimately doing two coats.

Halloween makeover on a multi photo frame to upcycle it into Halloween house decorations

And while I suppose I could have stopped here, I wanted to embellish it even further. I’m DEFINITELY on a “shimmer without glitter” kick.

I thought purple would look magnificent against the black AND be perfectly Halloween-ish. This purple lustre wax was exactly what I needed/wanted.

Metallic Lustre in Majestic Purple to add on a Halloween house or DIY haunted house

And boy oh boy, this tub will last me a lifetime…

Halloween makeover with metallic lustre in majestic purple for Halloween haunted house decorations

Using my fingertip and a paper towel to buff, I smudged purple wax on the dormer windows and decorative dots. My DIY haunted house or Halloween house just needed a flash of purple here and there – not too much.

Transforming a multi photo frame into a Halloween house with metallic lustre in Majestic Purple

But it still needed something else!

Thankfully, I had tons of copper wax leftover from this faux oxidized copper project and thought it would add the perfect touch of “orange”. So, I again used my finger tip and touched copper wax on the porch spindles and door columns.

Rub n Buff in Autumn Gold to add copper accents to a DIY haunted house and multi photo frame

When all was said and done, this is what my haunted house decor picture frame looked like!

Halloween house decorations and DIY haunted house with a multi photo frame from the thrift store

Halloween House and DIY Haunted House with Vintage Halloween Postcards

Now it was time to focus on filling the DIY haunted house with some images. Because I love vintage Halloween postcards, I decided to use their likeness (in the form of scanned/printed versions- I would never cut up actual vintage postcards!) to fill the openings of the Halloween house.

To do this, I needed to recreate the original stock photo cardboard insert. I didn’t have any tracing paper and thought it would be silly to buy some, just for this project.

My workaround? White parchment paper, which I almost always have in my pantry.

Tracing the openings on a multi photo frame onto parchment paper

I also traced the entire cardboard insert on a piece of white card stock from the craft store. Then, I cut out the parchment paper tracings and matched them to the scans of Halloween cards.

Finally, I recreated the cardboard insert by attaching the vintage Halloween postcards to the card stock with double-sided tape.

Using scans of Halloween cards and vintage Halloween from The Graphics Fairy for multi photo frame

And then the Halloween makeover was complete! The multi photo frame had been transformed into a DIY haunted house or Halloween house.

Halloween house in a multi photo frame that is filled with Halloween cards and vintage postcards

I love that it’s not really spooky at all AND it really has the look of vintage Halloween decorations. Such a cute take on Halloween haunted house decorations – on the cheap and it took very little time to create.

Halloween haunted house decorations and DIY haunted house by upcycling a multi photo frame

I think the biggest takeaway from this Halloween House / DIY haunted house is how amazing that purple wax looks against black paint! I just want to “shimmer all the things” now…so fun and festive for Halloween decorating around the house.

And if you enjoyed this easy upcycling idea and Halloween makeover, then you’ll LOVE this Halloween cookie jar, too!

Halloween cookie jar and haunted house decor from giving a Halloween makeover to a vintage cookie jar by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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  1. Great makeover!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. indianakathy says

    This is a cute cute cute idea for photos of my boys when they were little goblins! Thank you for sharing this – I’m going to start looking. Fun idea! Excellent idea for grandparents for their grandchildren as well

  3. You are so creative. Love the haunted house picture frame.

  4. Your haunted house is adorable! I didn’t even know that stuff came in purple. Too cool!

  5. Rita Corblies says

    Your imagination is amazing…but I’m not surprised. You always make something beautiful/fun out of something that somebody else discarded. Love it….

  6. Robyn Wright says

    I want to start thrifting with you! You get some of the BEST things! I love this!!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Haha, thank you, Robyn!! It helps to go as often as I do and to go on thrifting road trips. Doing another adventure tomorrow, so wish me good treasure hunting luck!

  7. Great job Sadie. so perfect for Halloween.

  8. What a good idea. Thank You for sharing.

  9. What a great makeover & I want to check out that purple wax!

  10. Amazing find! And very clever repurpose project.

  11. Sarah,

    That’s the perfect frame for Halloween! You really had a vision, didn’t you?


    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Gail!! It’s such a naturally creepy frame, I can’t imagine NOT using it for Halloween, LOL.

  12. This is so cute and clever!

  13. What a great thrift store find! You made it into a fantastic decoration! I have a plastic doll house from a thrift store that is painted black and decorated with cheese cloth curtains, paints,etc.

  14. L O V E the transformation!

  15. Such a cute idea, there’s an ad running in between every paragraph of a woman lying down under a blanket and it looks like you are resting after each step of the project, heeee.

  16. This is so creative and spooktakular!!! You are so creative!!!

  17. I have one of these that I painted white. I like your version much better!


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