Making a Hudson Bay Wool Blanket Out of Felt

Making a Hudson Bay Wool Blanket Out of Felt

As many of you know, my in-laws have a gorgeous cabin in the North Georgia mountains. Their cabin Christmas tree is always decked out in cabin style, with ornaments that celebrate fly fishing. And I always thought that an ornament that looked like a mini version of a Hudson Bay wool blanket would fit right in.

After all, I’ve already established how much I love the look of Hudson Bay blankets with previous projects!

DIY Cabin Decor with Hudson Bay stripes on white dishes

See what I mean, though? Mini creel ornaments that are actual baskets.

Creel Christmas ornament

And little fly fishing vests with real zippers and pockets!

Fly fishing vest ornament

Anyway, I decided to do something I NEVER do- a “new” craft, without any upcycling. To make a Hudson Bay wool blanket out of felt to use as Christmas ornaments.

Felt sheets in Hudson Bay colors

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DIY Felt Ornaments for the Cabin Christmas Tree

To stay true to a real HBC blanket, I wanted to use wool (or wool blend) felt. And I also wanted to “Shop Small” from an Etsy shop.

So, I purchased the following felt sheets:

First, I created a blanket template with scrap paper that measured roughly 3” x 5”. Then, I used my pattern to cut out the blanket from the Fresh Linen felt.

Making an HBC blanket as a Christmas ornament

I used my super sharp multimedia shears to cut it out, but would have preferred my rotary cutter. However, the rotary cutter seems to be a casualty of our move this summer, as I can’t find it anywhere!

I’ve asked Santa for a new rotary cutter, but the scissors worked just fine.


Next, I cut out long rectangles from each Hudson Bay stripe color that were ½” wide and about 3½” long. Then, I halved each one, creating a pair of skinny “stripes”.

Hudson Bay stripes with felt

Then, I used fabric glue to attach each stripe in place!

Fabric glue for the Hudson Bay stripes

My mini version of a Hudson Bay wool blanket was really coming together nicely!

Ornament Version of a Hudson Bay Wool Blanket

Once the glue dried thoroughly, I snipped off the excess stripe felt right along the edge of the “blanket”.

And even though it’s NOT true to form of a real Hudson Bay point blanket, I created teeny tiny fringe at each end.

Hudson Bay point blanket in miniature

I thought the fringe would add just a little texture and dimension to my mini HBC blankets.

With that, my wool blanket ornaments were done!

I swear to you, that’s a dark blue stripe, not black. It just looks black in the photos.

Now, to mix things up and support a second small craft business, I also bought some mini wooden oars from this Etsy shop. I used wood stain on 4” paddles to pair up with my mini HBC blankets.

Cabin Christmas ornaments inspired by Hudson Bay

Just for kicks, I glued a pair of paddles to one of my Hudson Bay wool blankets. The remaining paddles would become stand-alone ornaments, as you’ll see in a moment.

Finally, I threaded a long loop of off-white craft thread through the top of each blanket ornament, knotting on the backside.

Making a Hudson Bay Wool Blanket Out of Felt

With that, my mini Hudson Bay blanket ornaments were all done. Aren’t they the CUTEST??

People who don’t love cabin stuff or Hudson Bay wool blankets might not “get” these ornaments. But those of us that DO love them?

Swoon. Sigh. Can’t handle this level of cuteness.

HBC blanket in miniature out of felt

These almost make me want to get a dollhouse again, too. So that I can make a felt version of a Hudson Bay blanket for every room!

But for now I just need to get them on the cabin Christmas tree! Maybe next year…

Cabin Christmas tree with fishing ornaments

If you enjoyed these DIY felt ornaments that looked like a Hudson Bay Point Blanket, then you may also enjoy this plaid holiday wreath from flannel shirts!

Plaid Christmas wreath from recycled flannel shirts

And, I’m also excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you enjoy working with flannel fabric on craft projects, then you will love my book on flannel crafts!

Craft book for flannel shirts

Craft on!


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Hudson bay wool blanket as DIY felt ornaments

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  1. Love the HBC project! But of course I do….I’m Canadian! I am the proud owner of a legit HBC blanket, which I cherish. Merry Christmas!

  2. Carmen Montmarquet says

    Really well done, your in-laws will love them!!!

  3. OMG, I love these diy. Fabulous job. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays

  4. Before I finished reading, I was already thinking, “Oh, this would be so cute for my dollhouse!” I think you should ask Santa for a dollhouse so you can do upcycling/scrapcraft posts to get those who aren’t already hooked into miniatures! Maybe you can thrift one! It is a disease; I love it! I embarass my family by wiiping out cream cups in the diner, smuggling home the disposable communion cups at church, and saving fast food soda lids (for the bottom of a terrarium) and straws. I get my fisherman son-in-law fishing ornaments and decor for their tree.

  5. These are definitely swoon- worthy and worth venturing into new craft territory for!

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