Metal Pumpkins for Modern Fall Decor

Metal Pumpkins for Modern Fall Decor

Ok, so, there I was in the thrift store when I stumbled upon what I THOUGHT were metal pumpkins. But, upon further inspection, I might have been a little off. The first one, well…it might have been a pear…

wire pumpkin

And the second one was obvious once I stood it up. It was a vintage egg basket. Or, more likely, a contemporary version of the classic egg basket shape?

vintage egg basket

But these were spotted moments apart in the same thrift store! And I totally had fall on the brain. So, that’s when I decided that they would BECOME metal pumpkins, even if they didn’t start out that way.

wire pumpkin form

So, if you’ll indulge me, let’s see what I can do…

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Transformation to Metal Pumpkins

Before I started the pumpkin transformation, I needed one more thing. A round wooden disk (from Michaels) that would act as a platform inside the pear/pumpkin.

wooden base for metal pumpkin decor

See? I’d have a flat, even surface inside the pear/pumpkin to complete the image I had in my mind!

base for a pumpkin lantern

Ok, NOW I was ready to start upcycling. First, I set up my spray painting station outside and painted both pieces in my favorite copper spray paint.

copper spray paint for metal pumpkins

You may remember seeing me use this paint on a Halloween project AND a home office project before…

Anyway, I also spray painted the wooden disk to match. When all was said and done, this is what my metal pumpkins looked like.

spray painting a vintage egg basket

Metallics for Modern Fall Decor

Next, I went to work on the painted wooden disk. I wanted the pear/pumpkin to be almost a lantern of sorts.

So, I gathered some faux sage leaves (from a craft store), wire cutters, and my hot glue gun.

sage leaves for modern fall decor

I made a wreath of sage leaves around the disk (hot gluing them in place as I went around) and slipped it inside the wire pumpkin.

making a pumpkin lantern

After that, I then needed some metallic leaves to embellish my metal pumpkins. Metallic leaves because I didn’t think non-metallic leaves would look good against all that copper paint.

But, OF COURSE I couldn’t find any at craft stores.

So, I made my own with regular faux leaves. First, I painted them with this antique brass color. Then, I dabbed on some copper over the gold.

metallic fall leaves for metal pumpkins

The leaves took on the paint quite nicely. It made them a little stiffer in the end, but that was fine for my project.

Lastly, I used hot glue to affix the painted leaves to my metal pumpkins. With a few more embellishments, they were done!

metal pumpkins

Metal Pumpkins for Modern Fall Decor

Aren’t they lovely? To the pear/pumpkin, I added a trio of small LED pillar candles (similar to these) to complete the look.

metal pumpkin decor

And to the vintage egg basket, I filled it with mini velvet pumpkins that I purchased from a craft store.

vintage egg basket as modern fall decor

I think they’re just beautiful and elegant, perfect for modern fall decor. Dare I say that they’re…gourd-geous? You know I had to make that pun, right??

And even though neither one started out as such, they make for a perfect pair of metal pumpkins!

metal pumpkins for modern fall decor

The copper color is a fun change of pace from bright orange, but still tangentially close. With pops of sage green/blue and creamy white, they look quite upscale (if you ask me).

Despite starting out on thrift store shelves!

Interested in more pumpkin decor ideas from things that didn’t start out as pumpkins? Then this collection of upcycling ideas is just what the crafting doctor ordered.

Fall pumpkin decorations and Thanksgiving home decor

Craft on!


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modern fall decor

wire pumpkin and metal pumpkin decor

modern fall decor with metal pumpkins

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    Not a pear…a butternut squash!

  2. Marda Skepper says

    I love your ideas for recycling and have bought your book. I found you Gillians recommendation through her ReFashionsta site. Just wondered if you know how she is doing. Im in Australia. 🇦🇺

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so very much, Marda!! Jillian is still fighting the good fight, but it is a steep, uphill battle for her. She should be seeing a world-class specialist in rare cancers soon, so keep your fingers crossed and send her all your positive energy- she needs everything she can get right now.

  3. These are awesome! I would’ve sprayed them orange and been on my way, but you really made them stand out with your paint spray and leaves!! Love them!!!

  4. Always so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

  5. Frances Blunt says

    A great creation! I love it like fall.

  6. REALLY cute, Sadie! Seriously, you might just get me to start “thrifting”! LOL Well, if I didn’t already have way too much already of my own stuff!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ha!! The battle of the “stuff” is always ongoing, so I totally get that! The beauty of thrifting is that you can scratch the shopping itch pretty inexpensively, and if/when you change your mind, you just re-donate. At least, that’s how my cycle goes!

  7. Rebecca Payne says

    I had found some just like yours. I spray painted mine Copper and Rose Gold. I love the way you displayed yours.

  8. Miss Sadie that is a clever makeover. Great job. Take care and Craft On!!

  9. Pamela McDowell says

    You are so awesome at this! Every project that you attempt and complete seems to turn out perfectly. I love reading your blog posts and get excited when I see a new email from you. You have a wonderful imagination- keep on keeping on. 🙂 Peace and love.

  10. Sew Crafty Crochet says

    You always find the coolest stuff and give the items the most awesome makeover! Love these!!

  11. Oh my goodness… that tone is perfection! These turned out so pretty! I vow to not walk past these gems in the thrift store any longer! The candle votive idea is so cool for that piece!

  12. Both pieces are adorable but I think my favorite is the pear with the candles. So classy!! Pinned!

  13. If you get tired of the basket being a pumpkin, I think it could also make a good cauldron. It’s fun to see what you turn things into.

    And I too found you through Jillian’s refashionista blog, so the update was much appreciated

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hi, Sarah- I’m sorry it took me a while to respond. I’ve mentioned Jillian in a few places on social media, given what happened two weeks ago. If you hadn’t heard the latest, please let me know.

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