American Flag Cross Stitch on a Cane Side Table

American Flag Cross Stitch on a Cane Side Table

This, my friends, is an absolute first for me, truly a case of trash to treasure. Or, as I like to say: “Junkernecking”! There we were, just getting started on a Saturday road trip. The sun was rising, the dew was fresh, and we were in search of treasures and fun and adventure. As we merged onto the road, I spied a cane side table on the side of the road.

furniture on the side of the road

It was near an on-ramp on the highway. Our best guess was that someone had taken the ramp too quickly…or had to brake/accelerate unexpectedly. And some of their furniture must have toppled out the back.

cane side table on side of the road

Rain had soaked the wingback chair overnight, but all I could look at was the cane side table that was now in a jumble.

Despite broken legs and a missing top, the cane webbing was in perfect condition. So, like good citizens, we loaded up some of the litter, with hopes of a project that was trash to treasure! 

picking up furniture from the side of the road

I couldn’t shake the idea of doing yarn cross stitch on the panel of cane webbing. And the rectangular shape was just begging to become an American flag. So, that’s what I decided to do- or, at least TRY to do!

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Trash to Treasure from a Cane Table

The next day, I dismantled the cane webbing from the rest of the broken table. But I quickly realized that the tightness of the cane was warping the frame without the legs attached.

It’s not easily visible in the photo but it was starting to twist and warp before my eyes.

top of a cane side table

It very clearly needed to be stabilized. So, I turned it over and screwed in mending plates at each joint.

stabilizing a cane side table

Next, I grabbed some spray chalk paint in white and gave the entire thing a fresh makeover. Because it was already scratched up from being on the roadside, I didn’t sand it first.

spray chalk paint in white

After the paint dried, I distressed it along the edges to give it some contrast and buffed it down with wax.

preparing to do cross stitch on a cane side table

NOW I could start on the American flag cross stitch that I had envisioned in my mind.

American Flag Cross Stitch with Yarn

Then came the scary part: designing my own cross stitch pattern. The last time I did oversized cross stitch, I teamed up with Flamingo Toes! But this time, I was going at it solo.

I pulled out some graph paper, counted out the grid on the cane side table, and replicated on the paper. Then, I used colored pencils to create an American flag pattern!

american flag cross stitch pattern

I already had red and blue yarn, so I went to town on the cane webbing to bring my American flag cross stitch to life. I used a little painter’s tape on the end of my yarn to make it easier to insert the yarn through the pressed cane.

First, I worked on the red stripes…

yarn cross stitch on a cane table

I followed my self-drawn pattern for American flag cross stitch until I was done with the red “stripes”.

american flag cross stitch with yarn

Because I used regular yarn and not thick or chunky yarn, I did a triple cross stitch across the cane webbing. Yes, that slowed down the process, but to me, it was worth it!

yarn cross stitch

Lastly, I finished out my American flag cross stitch with the blue yarn to add the “stars”. Ready to see how the entire thing turned out?

American Flag Cross Stitch on a Cane Side Table

Ta-da! American flag decor with yarn cross stitch on a cane table. Literally a trash-to-treasure project that started with a roadside find.

american flag decor in yarn cross stitch

Isn’t that so cool? Hard to believe it started out as a broken table on the side of the highway – talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Now I have American flag decor that I can use for the patriotic summer holidays or really, all year long.

american flag cross stitch on a cane side table

And if you’ve ever wondered where the word “junkernecking” came from, I created it as a meme to share on my Facebook page!

Junkernecking - a form of rubbernecking used to determine if roadside junk is trash or treasure by Sadie Seasongoods

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for patriotic wall decor, then you’ll love how I repurposed this cabinet door from Habitat ReStore, too!

patriotic sign on a repurposed cabinet door

I’m also very excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book on flannel fabric

Craft on!


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    What a fabulous idea!

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    Ok that is really creative and thinking outside the box!

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  7. flamingotoes says

    Oh Sarah I love it!! It is so darling and what a fun way to give that old table new life. Yay for saving furniture!! 🙂 Now I need to hunt up an old table or something – doing a cross-stitch flag is genius!!

  8. So clever, and fortunate that it has just the right number of rows!

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    This is such a creative idea! I love it!


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    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you, Sandra!! I bought an old bread box, too, but I’ll be giving it to my mother-in-law for their cabin. LOL- it’s fun to thrift & junk knowing you can fulfill your treasure-hunting desires and hand off to other people, LOL!

  35. Most original idea I’ve seen in blog land in a long time. Adorable

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  41. What a cute idea, I am not quite that cutesy, but it would look good painted a color to match your decor, finish off the back and use it as a centerpiece for a table or even put it on a patio table, maybe a lazy susan put on the back for turntable condiments

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      So many potential ideas, right?? Thankfully, there are lots of cutesy people out there as my flag sold within minutes of my post going live! 🙂

  42. Amanda Moore says

    Love this idea of stitching the flag on cane!!
    How do you secure the thread when you begin and end a row?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Amanda! I just did my best to weave the tail back under the stitches- nothing fancy!

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