Bun Feet as Wood Pumpkins for Fall Home Decor

Bun Feet as Wood Pumpkins for Fall Home Decor

As I was scrolling on Facebook one day, an ad for furniture legs and feet caught my eye. You see, I assumed it was an ad for natural wood pumpkins! Squat with fluted edges, I was surprised to find that they were bun feet instead! That’s when I knew what my next project was going to be.

Of course, I needed to hunt down some bun feet that were secondhand or used, and a quick visit to eBay yielded me two bun feet that were perfect for my idea.

Wooden bun feet for a repurposing project

I mean, honestly, though- aren’t they delightfully pumpkin-esque?

They really reminded me of the wooden pumpkin trinket box I had made from salad bowls a few years earlier!

wooden pumpkin decor and trinket box

Anyway, I was doubly excited, because these wooden bun feet would be ideal for trying out a new-to-me craft product: Wood Dye! Curious how they turned out? Keep reading!

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Trying Out Wood Dye on the Bun Feet

Now, if you were wondering what the difference is between wood dye and wood stain, then we think alike! Because I was curious, too.

In a nutshell, stains tend to be oil-based with larger pigment particles that tend to “stick” in the grain of wood. On the other hand, dyes tend to be alcohol-based and thoroughly penetrate the wood for a more vibrant look.

Wood dye to use on bun feet or furniture feet

Because I’ve painted NUMEROUS wooden pumpkin projects in the past, trying out wood dye was quite enticing to me.

First, I read the directions and gathered the other things I’d need, namely gloves, a large drop cloth, and sponge brushes.

Wood dye vs Wood stain for an orange wood pumpkin

For easy access to the dye, I poured some into a “craft ramekin” to dip my sponge brush into. And on the first swipe, I was blown away by the vibrant color.

Vivid color on unfinished wood from wood dye

I quickly learned why a large drop cloth was recommended (this stuff splatters really easily) but boy, was that transformation fast. In just a matter of minutes, my bun feet were bright and festive orange.

Wood dye on unfinished furniture feet for bright color

Sealing and Stemming the Wood Pumpkins

I planned on using vintage swag hooks from this Etsy shop as the stems on my pumpkins. I’ve done that before, remember this project?

This time, however, I was going to just used glue to attach them. So, before I sealed the bun feet, I cut out circles of painter’s tape to cover the center of the pumpkins.

Preparing to Shellac the wood pumpkins

Maybe an unnecessary step, but it was easy and would give me raw wood to adhere to (as opposed to a slick, glossy surface).

Next, I set up my typical spray painting station outside and used a glossy shellac to protect the vibrant color of the bun feet.

Shellac on bun feet for a glossy finish

I sprayed on 2-3 light coats of shellac (it dried pretty quickly) on the bun feet. And when I was done, I was left with very glossy wood pumpkins-to-be!

Upcycling the sofa feet as wood pumpkins

Finally, I removed the circles of painter’s tape and glued the swag hooks on top of the pumpkins. And voilà- they were all done!

Using a swag hook as a pumpkin stem

Bun Feet as Wood Pumpkins for Fall Home Decor

Seriously, though, these bun feet were meant to become pumpkins, right? Pumpkins that hold your sofa off the ground!

Colorful wood pumpkins with wood dye on bun feet

Or in my case, pumpkins that fit right into my fall home decor this season! I absolutely love how they turned out- and I am officially a fan of wood dye!

Decorating for autumn with bun feet as wood pumpkins


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Wooden bun feet as pumpkins for fall and autumn decor

Fall decorating with fun feet as wood pumpkins

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  1. Love your bun pumpkins. Where did you get your furniture dye?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Marie! Did you click on the link where it says “Wood Dye”? You can order it online, as well, but I bought my bottle at a woodworking shop in Hickory, NC (Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop).

  2. What a creative idea! Bun feet were born for pumpkins. LOL! Thanks for introducing me to that wood dye!

  3. Amanda Lake says

    I love the bun feet pumpkins. And thank you for the information on wood dye. I’ve never heard of it but I like the bright color it provides. I admire your creativity and really enjoy seeing your projects. It always brightens my day

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Amanda. I was excited to discover the dye, too- I love being able to see the wood grain AND have that vibrant color! Happy crafting!

  4. You are so clever!!!

  5. Oh my goodness… SO CUTE!!


  6. Not sure this went through so I’m resending…..where did you purchase your orange stain?

  7. What? I didn’t even know wood dye came in orange! Cool idea!

  8. I like how the wood dye lets the wood show through. It maintains the visual texture. Lovely project. I also love the “stem”. The curliness makes it so sweet.

  9. Robyn Wright says

    Gorgeous! Now I have to try that wood dye!

  10. Girl the things that you see and turn into pumpkins is amazing! That is adorable!!!

  11. So cute and clever!

  12. What a great Idea, thanks for all your inspirations!

  13. I love your pumpkins and the stems! Thanx for introducing us to wood dye, too!I have been busy making cloth ones from upcycled GW clothing. This year I have used fat cinnamon sticks for some stems. Finally got my maple sticks cut up for more stems, too!

  14. Well, aren’t you soooo clever Sarah! That wood dye was perfect! And… I love the swag hooks!



  15. Linda cleveland says

    I love the hook top, never would have thought of that but it is just the right finish.

  16. So stink’n cute! It’s like those bun feet were waiting to become pumpkins and the swag hooks pumpkin stems! Must try that vibrant wood dye.

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