Wooden Pumpkin Decor and Trinket Box

Wooden Pumpkin Decor and Trinket Box

Somewhere in my Pinterest meanderings, I stumbled across a trinket box that had been made by upcycling a pair of round bowls and painted to look like Earth. I knew I wanted to do something similar but as wooden pumpkin decor instead of Planet Earth. I just needed the right set of vintage salad bowls. And then one day, there they were, staring me in the face from the Goodwill shelf.

vintage salad bowls

They were solid, in seriously good shape, and they even had ridges on the sides.

It was like they were MEANT to be pumpkins…

And this isn’t even the first time I’ve made something pumpkin-esque with something meant for salads. Remember this cake dome that I made?

cake dome for fall party decor

But back to the ridged salad bowls at hand. I picked out two that worked well together (I know! I should have bought all of them) and brought them home. Then, I gave them a quick wipe down before setting up shop to see if my upcycling idea would work.

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Upcycling Wooden Bowls into Wooden Pumpkin Decor

First, I needed to paint them orange. I chose an autumn-y shade of orange paint and grabbed a basic crafting sponge brush.

painting the vintage salad bowls

I had originally planned on distressing them a little, but as it turned out, I didn’t need to! A relatively dry (i.e., very little paint) sponge gave me a rustic paint job that didn’t look forced.

painting the bowls to be wooden pumpkin decor

Oh, and guess what- plastic cupcake box liners make excellent paint mixing bowls. What a fun way to repurpose them before tossing in the recycling bin!

Once the interior of the wooden salad bowls had dried (which was super quick), I worked on the outside of each bowl.

Once they were painted, I placed them together to see if my idea for wooden pumpkin decor and a trinket box would really work!

making a wooden trinket box from salad bowls

Oh yes, I love where this is going…

Making a Wooden Trinket Box from Salad Bowls

To turn everything into a wooden trinket box, I simply needed some hardware. Including a dainty hinge that was narrow enough to fit along the edge of the small wooden bowls.

hinge for a pumpkin box

Cottonball is never far away from me when I’m working on a project!

Anyway, back to the hardware. I lined up the bowls, marked holes for the screws and carefully attached the hinge.

pumpkin box and wooden pumpkin decor

And the finishing touch? A swag light hook that I had snagged from Habitat ReStore!

swag light hook

Normally it hangs upside-down. But when its upright like this, it’s the perfect pumpkin stem.

I measured the center of the top of my wooden pumpkin decor. Then, I drilled a hole in the center of the top of the wooden trinket box and screwed in the swag hook!

Wooden Pumpkin Decor and Trinket Box

And just like that, I had a wooden trinket box that doubled as a decorative pumpkin. All from upcycling a pair of vintage salad bowls from the thrift store!

wooden pumpkin decor and trinket box

Have you ever seen a cuter trinket box? Perfect for tucking away little treasures and no one would ever know.

I know I say this all the time, but can you stand it? The cuteness, I mean?

What can I say, there are just SO many upcycling ideas and possibilities for pumpkin decor. I just can’t seem to stop making them…

wooden pumpkin decor for fall and autumn

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a trinket box and pumpkin decor, then you’ll love these decorative gourds made with glass jars and bottles!

liquor bottle painting for fall pumpkin decor

And for even more upcycling ideas that make pumpkins, check out this amazing collection of projects here!

Fall pumpkin decorations and Thanksgiving home decor

Craft on!


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