Pumpkin Patch Sign from a Wooden Paper Plate Holder

Pumpkin Patch Sign from a Wooden Paper Plate Holder

I’ll be honest with you- a wooden paper plate holder was not something I grew up with. Paper plates, yes, but designated wooden holders for them? Nope, not at all. There wasn’t much primitive country decor in my childhood home, so that’s probably why. Fast forward to my days as an upcycling blogger, though, and I couldn’t snap this one up fast enough! Because I had an upcycling idea to transform it into a pumpkin patch sign for Fall.

wooden paper plate holder

Now, you may be thinking. HOW WILL THIS EVER BECOME FALL DECOR?

upcycling idea for a wooden paper plate holder

But when you turn it around to the “back”, it had a very pumpkin-esque shape!

Wood pumpkin cut out on the side of a paper plate holder

Ironically, I’ve made another pumpkin project with a different type of paper plate holder, but it was for Halloween!

Halloween door hanger from a wicker paper plate holder

But, of course, that one was more of a liner or charger.

Either way, back to the wooden version- it seemed like an inexpensive experiment to try! And, well, you know how much I love autumn and simply can’t say “no” to a potential pumpkin project…

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Upcycling a Wooden Paper Plate Holder for Fall

First, I gave it a pumpkin makeover, using orange chalk paint.

It’s the same color I used last year for my pumpkin tray project that turned out so well.

Next, I gathered a leafy green and a caramel brown craft paint for the stems. 

And yes, somewhere along the way, I found a SECOND paper plate holder at a thrift store.

Painting the stem of a pumpkin patch sign

As you can see, I cut off the top of the “stem” from the second paper plate holder before painting, as well.

All of a sudden, the wooden paper plate holders were looking much more pumpkin-esque, post makeover.

Wooden pumpkin decorations from a wood paper plate holder

Now that my wooden paper plate holders (and future pumpkin patch signs) were painted, I wanted to put the actual holders (other side) to use!

Making a Pumpkin Patch Sign

So, my plan was to add a brick of wet floral foam in the holder from which leafy stems could be inserted. This would give my pumpkins a more still-on-the-vine pumpkin patch look.

I purchased two bricks of floral wet foam– even though I wasn’t going to use it for real flowers, I like the “mold-ability” of wet foam. I figured that I could crunch and press (i.e., mold) it to fit each wooden paper plate holder.

Wet floral foam to go inside a wooden paper plate holder

First, however, I took one additional step that is totally optional. After I molded the foam bricks to fit each wooden paper plate holder, I wrapped them in brown paper bags.

I thought it would look a little neater, and keep that dreaded “floral foam dust” from getting everywhere.

Wrapping the wet floral foam in a paper bag to reduce mess

Now to give it a pumpkin patch look!

I used some green maple leaves from Michaels as my greenery, cutting them to size with my wire cutters. Doesn’t that look cute?

Pumpkin patch decor with leaves and vines

Even though I liked how it looked just as it was, I knew a little stenciling would put it over the top.

And let’s face it, what’s cuter than a pumpkin sign this time of year?

So, I found the perfect stencil to transform it into a pumpkin patch sign, and got to work.

Fall stencils for a pumpkin patch sign

Note- the paper bag-wrapped foam block and pumpkin leaves slides in and out with ease, making it easy to stencil even after I had cut all the greenery!

After I carefully stippled and swirled on my paint, I lightly sanded the entire thing to “rough it up” a bit, aging the lettering and the wooden edges.

Pumpkin patch decor from a wood paper plate holder

Pumpkin Patch Sign from a Wooden Paper Plate Holder

Finally, I buffed on some clear wax to seal it and make the colors a little richer and that was it! I placed the floral foam bag and greenery back inside and my pumpkin patch sign was done.

pumpkin patch sign

Perfect pumpkin decorations for Fall that had a primitive country decor feel.

Isn’t that wild? My pumpkin patch sign turned out delightfully and the best part is, it could still be a paper plate holder year-round!

pumpkin patch sign on a wooden paper plate holder

I just love turning things into pumpkins at this time of year; I just can’t get enough of them. In fact, I even made a few versions in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”, too!

pumpkin decor from crafting with flannel

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for fall pumpkins, then you’ll love this collection of upcycling ideas for upcycled pumpkins!

Fall pumpkin decorations and Thanksgiving home decor

Craft on!


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  1. Karen Benitez says


  2. That is so adorable! You are so creative! I am so happy I found your blog! You inspire me

  3. Melissa Ann Fleming says

    Wow! If I saw that wooden piece at the thrift store, I’d walk right on by it. But you turned it into something so creative and cute! Genius and awesome and TFS!

  4. Robyn Wright says

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. I must live under a rock,I have never seen anything like these before, and made to hold paper plates no less, I never would have guessed that! What a great vision on this pumpkin upcycle Sarah!!

  6. Rita Corblies says

    Imagination…so cute…pumpkins…pumpkins…every where

  7. Love these! I have never thought about looking at the “back” of an item, will have to totally keep that in mind! <3

  8. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Thanks again for something easy and fun!

  9. Great upcycles. I’m like you, my paper plates stay in the plastic wrapper; not enough counter or wall space for the wooden holder! The stenciling just “made” the project in my book. Well done!

  10. Charlie Collins says

    Cute!! I saw it as a turkey with folded cloth napkins as the feathers – functional centerpiece. Who knew a paper plate holder could be so versatile?!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ohhhh I can see that, too! Someone on my Facebook page mentioned a Halloween black cat- CRAZY versatility, right?

  11. So cute. I guess i better start thinking about fall decorating. I sometimes procrastinate on decorating when the seasons change. Up until today we were still in full summer heat. Can’t wait for cooler weather. You are inspiring me tonight.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s still blisteringly hot here, too…but blogging is a lot like magazines in that we’re always thinking a couple of seasons ahead of reality! 😉

  12. So very cute!

  13. That is a very clever idea for an old paper plate holder! I never would of thought of using it like that. Love it!

  14. Love it! I am so sorry to say I couldn’t find a plain straw bag to make a door hanging. I ordered some beautiful peonies from Amazon. Ill wait to closer to spring to try to make it again.

  15. my favorite season for decorations…am loving your ideas!!!!

  16. My mind is blown! I LOVE this! You never stop amazing me with the wonderful “remakes” you think of.

  17. Hilary Milner says

    The second one you found really made me think of a turkey with the design cut into the wooden front. I liked the other comment by Charlie about storing napkins folded to look like feathers. Very inspiring post.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Yes!! Several people saw the turkey shape, and someone on my Facebook page saw a crouching Halloween cat, too. Loads of possibilities!

  18. Barbara Morrow says

    I have been searching for one to use for Thanksgiving on my new farm table

  19. What a fun and clever way to reuse a paper plate holder. I will have to remember this the next time I see one at Goodwill. Love it!

  20. You have such a gift of looking at something ordinary and turning into a treasure!


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