Fairy Garden in a Jar for Spring Decorating

Fairy Garden in a Jar for Spring Decorating

Several years ago, before I even started my blog, I created some “Spring Jars” using fairy garden accessories and dollhouse accessories. I just thought they were the cutest things ever- y’all know I love miniature ANYTHING! And when I reposted the old photo on my Facebook page, the positive response was overwhelming. So, I knew I needed to create a new fairy garden in a jar (or two) to share with you on my blog!

These were the original vintage jars that I created. Apologies for Cottonball who insisted he was cuter and needed to be in the photo.

Spring decor ideas with fairy garden accessories and vintage glass jars

See what I mean? Dollhouse accessories for a garden are PERFECT for creating a mini fairy garden in vintage jars. Plus, I’ve already created “snow-less snowglobes” for other holidays and seasons: (1) Christmas, (2) Summer Beach, (3) Winter; (4) Ireland/St. Patrick’s Day; and (5) even Halloween, to an extent.

Why not switch it up and do the same for Spring? Little garden scenes would be perfect for the season.

So, I headed to a favorite local antiques shop for some vintage jars. I was especially drawn to the peanut butter jars with their yellow lids for my fairy garden in jar!

Vintage glass jars at Olde Faithful's Antiques in Greenville SC

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Making a Fairy Garden in a Jar

The first mini fairy garden that I envisioned for my Spring Jars involved constructing a small potting bench. So, I gathered some bits and pieces to bring my vision to life, including: Popsicle sticks, green fabric (to replicate grass), and dollhouse accessories such as flower pots and potted plants.

Peanut butter jar and dollhouse accessories for a garden to create a mini fairy garden

First, I cut out a circle of the green fabric to place in the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

Then, I constructed a miniature potting bench with the popsicle sticks and my hot glue gun.

Popsicle sticks to build a potting bench to go in a peanut butter jar for Spring decor ideas

Then, I simply started piling the dollhouse accessories on and around the potting bench.  I glued everything in place, including gluing the legs of the table to the circle of green fabric.

Check the dollhouse section of craft stores or the floral department at craft stores for fairy garden accessories! You’ll likely find all the bits you need to create a mini fairy garden like this.

Dollhouse accessories for a garden as decorating ideas for Spring in vintage jars

I placed the entire scene into the peanut butter jar and that was it. My first fairy garden in a jar was complete!

spring decor with fairy garden in a jar

Decorating for Spring with a Mini Fairy Garden

For my second idea, I used a larger vintage jar.I had some vintage miniature red and white toadstools in my craft supply stash and really wanted to use them. My vintage toadstools were similar to this modern version.

I also gathered some reindeer moss and the same green fabric that I had used before. Other fairy garden accessories were involved, too, including a tiny metal pail and a miniature pitchfork.

Fairy Garden accessories and dollhouse accessories to make Spring decor in old jars

I started by once again cutting out a circle of green fabric that fit the bottom of the vintage jar.

Grass in the bottom of vintage mason jars for Spring decor ideas

Then, I hot glued pieces of reindeer moss to the green fabric to create a mound of moss.

Fairy Toadstool or accessories for a mini fairy garden in vintage glass jars

To the reindeer moss, I added the little toadstools (with hot glue again), as well as a pail of mushrooms.

Decorating ideas for Spring with fairy garden accessories and vintage glass jars

Finally, I added a miniature pitchfork and my mini fairy garden was complete!

Spring jars or vintage mason jars that contain dollhouse accessories for a garden

Decorating for Spring with Fairy Garden Accessories in Vintage Glass Jars

But, I mean, honestly- aren’t they truly adorable? Fairy garden accessories in vintage glass jars come together as PERFECT Spring Decor.

Decorating ideas for Spring with fairy garden accessories in vintage glass jars

My Spring Jars are like enjoying the idea of gardening without all of the backbreaking work and dirt under your nails.

fairy garden in a jar as diy spring decor

I still have some dollhouse accessories and vintage glass jars in my stash. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a few more of these for my Spring decor!

And if enjoyed this upcycling idea for Spring, then you’ll love this flower vase idea for vintage milk bottles and milk tops!

Spring decor with old milk bottles

Craft on!


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  1. I love your little potting table scene!!

  2. Cuteness overload (I think it was the kitty that did it, lol). So cute! I love the mushroom jar…I can just see the gnome gardener working in his mushroom plot!

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  4. Absolutely adorable – love all of them but that potting bench is just the cutest ever! Pinning and sharing ☺

  5. Patty Williford says

    OMG!!!! How cute they are!! I want to do some of these with my grandchildren. I think they will have fun creating their own jar scene. Love your creativity and that you share your ideas!

  6. Cottonball and jars are adorable! You are so creative.

  7. Hello Sadie. These are such brilliant ideas, I just love them! I shared it on facebook before I even commented. I may have some miniatures to make a few myself, if not I am going to get some! I am debating between the fabulous garden table set up and the set up with the pitch fork. They are all adorable especially with Cottonball in the picture! Have a great day!

  8. Fonda Rush says

    Very cute idea! Poor Cottonball…She IS a great accessory, though.

  9. This is the cutest thing, I love the garden workbench so cute!!! And I have a ton I could make a few!! Would love to have you share on Friday Features!! Pinned

  10. So cute! made me smile!

  11. Love your sweet Spring gardening jars! You’ve inspired me to make some myself for the kitchen table. LOVE Cottonball even more!!
    Perfectly adorable model for showing your jars. Give her a hug and kiss for me, eh?

  12. Me again! Tell Cottonball I apologize for using the wrong pronoun! I meant to say: HE. Also do reassure him he is STILL the SWEETEST thing in the house!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      He gets called “she/her” all the time!!! Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind either way- as long as the attention is on him! 😉

  13. Oh my, I love these really cute creations of yours. Thanks for sharing them. I adore everyone of them.

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  15. Aren’t these cute? Love the Easter jars.

  16. These are absolutely darling jars. Such a fun activity – esp. for kids!

  17. Shay Moore says

    Love, love, love these! In a previous post you mentioned a thrift store in Greenville that you like (besides the GW). I live in Anderson, and would to find it,could you send me the name and Ares it is in?? Thanks Shay

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    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  23. These are just adorable and I know you had fun making them. #merrymonday

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  32. These are adorable. I think they would make the perfect little gift to an office cubicle buddy or to a friend in the hospital. They are cheerful and would help bring at least the idea of the outdoors in.

    Thank you for the inspiration

  33. Susan C Kyzer says

    Sadie, I love your Blog…I saw a free printable for jars that looked like a prescription label for teachers. I cannot for the life of me find it. Can you help me? Please

  34. Awesome! I love these Spring jars you have created – extremely beautiful and creative. I especially liked the one with the Spring gardening scene.

  35. Hi, I didn’t know you were a mini fan! My dollhouse projects give me such great pleasure but NOW take up a lot of room…it’s another addiction in my book! I am on the lookout for pretty (albeit cheap) vintage jars for more waterless snowglobes! Made several this week and am pleased with them.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      My mom built me an amazing dollhouse when she was pregnant with me- and while I no longer have the house, we kept every single piece of furniture and furnishing that went in it. I can’t get enough! 🙂

  36. Those are adorrable!!

  37. Michelle Windham says

    I am so excited about doing some of these!!!!!
    Thank you so much!

  38. Love your tiny things and ideas beyond belief!


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