Rustic Table Runner

Rustic Table Runner

Back in early Spring when I created my Dyed Doily Table Runner, I was already envisioning an autumn version- with doilies dyed to look like chrysanthemums. AND, I even bought some vintage doilies that had orange and gold hues for a rustic table runner to use in the Fall. I was *convinced* that that was the plan. But as time marched on, I started envisioning a cozier version, one that used flannel shirts and lace ribbon.

fall flannels

Flannel and lace are unlikely bedfellows, but for whatever reason, they work well together (in my opinion). So, I gathered some of my thrift store flannel shirts and pictured a patchwork of plaid on my table.

And besides, a flannel table runner is right up my alley since I authored the book, “Crafting with Flannel”, right?

Craft book for flannel shirts

Either way, my plaid table runner was going to be rustic home decor and VERY cozy. 

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Making a Plaid Table Runner from Flannel Shirts

First things first, I measured our dining room table and added a little extra to know how long the rustic table runner should be.

Then, I used my craft mat, rotary cutter, and a clear dressmaker’s ruler to cut out five 15” X 15” squares from the backs of each flannel shirt.

 After cutting out squares from my pile of fall flannels, I laid them on the table (unconnected) to see how it would look…

making a rustic table runner

And yes, those flowers in the upper righthand corner are a project of mine, too…

Next, I decided on the order/pattern of each sequential square of flannel fabric. From there, I stitched them together (end to end) on my sewing machine.

refashioning flannel shirts into a plaid table runner

Once I had a continuous length of patchwork flannel, I used my iron to press the seams flat between panels of fabric.

Then, I hemmed all the raw edges- just a simple once-over ¼” hem on the back side of the flannel fabric. Recognize my secret pin cushion?

hemming an autumn table runner

Now I was ready for the finishing touch- lace ribbon! The beauty of creating a fall table runner with panels of flannel fabric is that there are already straight(ish) lines on the fabric.

But even with that, my square-cutting skills are still developing.

So, the lace ribbon acted as a great equalizer. By stitching lace trim over the connecting seams with my machine, I could no long see any uneven lines and seams on my rustic table runner!

lace ribbon on a rustic table runner

Lastly, I swapped out the thread on my sewing machine for an off-white and stitched the lace ribbon to my plaid table runner.

plaid table runner with lace ribbon

I wrapped approximately one inch of lace trim over the edge onto the back side to keep it neat and clean.

Rustic Table Runner

And that was it, my rustic table runner was done! I placed it back on the table and debated how to further style my dining table…

rustic table runner

I loved that it was rustic but not your typical autumn table runner, such as burlap or stitched on leaves. It also has a mountain lodge feel to it without being over-the-top.

Now I just need some pine cones and acorns to fill my apothecary jars. Then my cozy home dining room will be all set.

plaid table runner

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for flannel shirts , please check out these fabric covered books that I made from old flannels, as well.

fabric covered books for cozy home decor

And, of course, I hope you’ll give my book, “Crafting with Flannel” a look-see, as well! It contains 55 project tutorials that all use flannel fabric, both shirts and yardage. There’s an entire chapter to flannel home decor projects (like this tray), as well!

fabric lined tray from crafting with flannel

Craft on!


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  1. Stephanie C says

    Very cool. I just wish I saved some of my husband’s old flannel shirts.

  2. I could do this. I went to an estate sale and picked up a bunch of flannel. Can’t wait to make this runner. Thanks for the idea.

  3. YOU my lady friend, are SO creative! I love it! (& the doilie runner too!!!)

  4. Love this! Keep the flannel projects coming.

  5. i love flannel and wear a flannel shirt every day 🙂 they are warm and comfy! this is such an awesome idea and will have to save my shirts to do this when they are ready for replacement. I could see this too with jeans!

  6. I really like this, flannel reminds me of fall… and being a teenager that had on flannel everyday.

  7. Such a great idea and so cute!

  8. I LOVE this! It’s so clever how you used your grandmother’s lace. I’m working on a flannel table runner right now, too, but I’m waiting for my mom to round up a few more of my dad’s flannels.

  9. This is so beautiful! I like the idea and the result! I will try it! thank you

  10. You are so frickin’ creative!! I love this and am so making one. Thanks for sharing. I an in awe over your re-purposing skills.

    • Thank you so much, Michelle- I really appreciate that!! Every now and again, I need to see a comment/compliment like that to keep on truckin’. It’s amazing how invigorating some kind words can be. 🙂

  11. Great way to repurpose old shirts! I love it!

  12. This is adorable!! If only I had a sewing machine 🙁

  13. I love that! It’s such a comforting look, perfect for fall.

  14. This is so charming! i’ll be pinning it!

  15. cynthiamurdoch says

    Popping over after Salvagesisterandmister’s share. What a great repurpose project. I’m pinning.

  16. This is such a great way to spice up the table!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  17. Beautiful table and Runner! Love the combination of Lace and Flannel! Thank you for sharing at OhMyHeartsieGirls WW! Pinned! xo

  18. I love how you are so frugal that you will use the scapes too. I also have a collection of clothing that I repurpose. I recently covered a chair using an old blouse. Your runner is rustic and oh so homey and comfty looking.

  19. Ooh I LOVE this!! I definitely want to make one! This would be great for fall AND winter – so cozy!! I found you at Grandma Ideas 🙂

  20. Love this! Wish I had some old flannel shirts now. I may hijack some from my husbands side of the closet. He never wears them anyway. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! I love partying with you!

  21. I love it. I have fallen in love with plaid again for clothes but how perfect for a rustic table runner. Looks fabulous on your fabulous table!!

  22. Great idea, love the plaids and lace runner on your table.

  23. Love the warmth it brings to the room, perfect for Fall!

  24. Such a cute idea Sarah! Clothing upcycle projects are my favorite! Such a cute winter/fall runner! thank you for sharing with Dream. Create. Inspire. Link!


  25. Love this table runner!! The lace is a nice soft touch to the flannel!! Very creative idea!!

  26. Dear Sarah,

    Thanks a lot for this table runner. I have got some cut flannel shirts, a box of lace from my GrandMa and especially, it gave me another idea. I keep since several decades of Kelsh fabric that have suffered from the time I think I might do the same thing using Kelsh fabric and old lace. The lace gives a special charm to your table runner, a good and cute idea
    Thank you to sharing

  27. Hello Sarah,
    Wow I really love this table runner you made. It’s so perfect for fall and the holidays.
    I hope you have a nice Friday and weekend.
    Julie xo

  28. Love making new things from old! I’m always trying to think of ways to use the fabric from clothing found at the thrift store. Thank you for the terrific idea!

  29. Love this! I haven’t been able to find the perfect fall table runner yet but I think you’ve given me some inspiration!

  30. I love flannel too and making a table runner from thrift store flannel shirts is a great idea. The contrast between the lace and flannel is so charming. Again thank you for linking up to the very first Vintage Charm!

  31. Love this! Great job and inspires me to do the same.

  32. Love your table runner! I also wore flannel in high school. Still love it, and have a few flannels hanging in my closet for winter.

  33. This is very sweet! Flannel is the style here every year in WA state! Visiting from Julie’s Lifestyle blog party.

  34. That is such a GREAT idea!!! It looks so nice!! God bless

  35. This is such a neat idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  36. Sarah, that just looks so earthy and comfy and sort of ‘G’night John-Boy’ Waltons-ish…lol! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou. Love, Mimi xxx

  37. You are so cleaver. I am not a sewer but I’m sure I could complete this. Love flannel! I wore it too

  38. Another great idea! This is perfect for both fall and winter!!! I too had loads of flannels from my high school days and think it’s funny that my teen can’t get enough flannels in her wardrobe now. Thank you for sharing this at Welcome Home Wednesday Linky!!!

  39. Super cute! You did a great job. I wish I could sew.I’m stopping by from the link up, I hope your having a great day.

  40. Such a great way to use up those old flannel shirts! It looks perfect on your rustic and chic dining table and chairs! Definitely pinned this one for later!

  41. Good Morning Sarah!! Just popping in to let you know your post has been picked as a feature at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Stop by this morning to see your feature and link up! Don’t forget to grab your “Featured Button” too!

  42. I like the runner, but I LOVE the table! 🙂

  43. Hi Sarah. What a creative idea. Very homey. Thanks for sharing with us again at #Throwback Thursday. Please spread the word so our Thursday night party can grow.

  44. What a cute idea! I love the idea of repurposing old shirts too. Pinning and stopping by from the One Project at a Time link party.

  45. What a fantastic project!!!! I have piles of tartan scraps and had not thought of using them to make a runner. I love this! Thanks you SO much for sharing this with all of us at the Tartan Parade today.
    So nice to see you here!
    Alison 🙂

  46. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says

    Love it!!! Such a great thing to make for fall and winter. Thanks for sharing at the Your Home Decor and More link party. I can’t wait to see what you have to share this month! The Link is open now.

  47. What a great idea, Sarah! My neighbor lady lost her husband last summer. She had the idea to take a bed pillow and “stuff” the shirt with it. Sewed the neck opening shut and squared off the tails to fit the pillow. Gave one to each of his Grandkids and great grandkids for Christmas. What a great remembrance too. Just thought I’d share!

  48. Sarah, Love the use of flannel for a table runner and using fabric from flannel shirts – brilliant! Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About It this week! Pinning and tweeting to share.

  49. It’s simply gorgeous, Sarah! I love the combo of flannels and the lace gives it such a nice finish. And it look lovely on your table, which is amazing btw!
    Thank you for sharing this week at Brag About It link party on VMG206 (Mondays at Midnight).
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  50. Love the table runner. Easy to make and looks great on table.

  51. Lace and plaid are such a classic combo this looks great. I have a half finished table runner that I started several years ago – time to dig it out and finish it I think!

  52. Super cute runner! I would love to take some of my father’s old shirts and create my own runner. Great idea.

  53. buonpanesmecom says

    What a great and easy idea, make me want some hot chocolate.

  54. Here you go again! Creative, creative! I think placemats would be great, too! Perfect for Winter! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  55. Love this flannel table runner. I wish I had saved some of my husbands shirts.
    I need to make one of these.
    Thanks for all of your amazing ideas.

  56. This was $5.00 very well spent!

  57. i love the table runner made out of all those flannel pieces! So cozy and rustic, and the lace is so cute and gives it a bit of a feminin touch!

  58. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I love the flannel plaid shirts from the 90’s. I actually bought one for the fabric and ended wearing the rest of it around the house for warmth. I am pinning this to make one next year. So easy!!

  59. reinventedkb says

    I love this so much, the lace is a perfect touch! And my square cutting skills are not developing, they just stink. 😉 Thank you for linking up to Funtastic Friday!

  60. Such a fun and creative re-purpose project Sarah. Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday last week. I’m delighted to be featuring your lovely runner at tomorrow’s party, as well as pinning.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  61. Kathy A. says

    I wonder how wide the shirt sleeves opened up would be to make more with narrower panels.. Since I’m only qualified to sew straight lines, I have been known to make skirts for the American Girl type dolls with the cuff and button as the waistband (4 grands, 7 dolls!! Wrapping old satin balls or styrofoam balls with strips of flannel for bowl or Christmas tree ornaments with a ribbon hanger and tiny pine cones/berries/evergreen spray at the top would be country primitive….

  62. Glenda Cassie says

    Thanks for the idea. I have 17 country plaids left from a quilt I made so i am going to make thia and back each square with the tie die I used in the square and it will be reversible.

  63. Hey Sarah! Love this runner…and flannel. You are so creative and fun.

  64. kristin salazar says

    This runner is awesome, so crafty, I love it

  65. Such a simple, yet sweet idea! Wish I had thought of it ? but glad you did! Thank you for sharing & I love you’re sweet farmhouse table! Craft on , girlie!!!!?

  66. I love this idea! I’ve had it Pinned for a couple years now and finally have the matierials to make my own! I’m just curious what size squares you cut and used? Thanks!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I don’t actually recall, and a friend purchased it shortly after I published this post all those years ago. But, ultimately it really doesn’t matter, because your version will solely depend on how long and wide your table is. Get those measurements and divide into however many squares you can and/or want to have, making sure to add on enough length for the runner to hang down from both sides. Then you’ll have your square size. 🙂

  67. Oh, wow!! That is a WONDERFUL idea!! I am so happy you showed it to us!

  68. Saw your flannel table runner & had to make one! Had to buy a handful of lace, ended up making 2 runners. One for my daughter & myself. Love them! Thanks.


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