Flannel Covered Books for Cozy Home Decor

Flannel Covered Books for Cozy Home Decor

I think it’s high time I create another flannel project, don’t you? The weather is finally feeling Fall-ish and I am craving all the cozy plaid…and today’s project also has a special twist. All of my project materials came from thrift stores that benefit an animal-based charity! I’ve partnered with several other bloggers to highlight these lesser-known thrift stores with a collection of fun transformation projects.

But first, back to my project- I decided to marry together two thrift store staples: Flannel shirts and hardcover books! I like the idea of creating fabric covered books to be used in décor because you can use newish books for the project AND you can still read the books when you’re done. But I’m not using just any fabric…I’m upcycling flannel shirts instead.

So, to get this animal-charity-thrift-shop party started, I headed up to Asheville, North Carolina to hit a couple of my favorite stores. First, I went to Animal Haven of Asheville and purchased a few hardcover books. To be less wasteful, I specifically looked for books that were (for whatever reason) missing their dust jackets- less waste that way!

Buying books at the Animal Haven Thrift Store in Asheville North Carolina to be repurposed as flannel covered books by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Dust-jacketless books are perfect for this project!

Then, I went to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s thrift shop where I found a flannel shirt or two. I, admittedly, already had some shirts in my stash but definitely needed more!

Buying flannel shirts at Second Chances Thrift Store in Asheville North Carolina to be repurposed as flannel covered books by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Then to Second Chances Thrift Shop for flannel shirts!

And with that, I had what I needed to make some flannel covered books, which I just think will be wonderful for some cabin-style autumn (and winter) decor. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Repurposing thrift store books and flannel shirts into DIY upcycled autumn decor by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Let’s get covering!

DIY Flannel Covered Books

To create some flannel covered books, I opened up one freshly-laundered shirt and “walked” a book along the back to determine how much fabric I would need. By “walking”, I mean I rolled it from cover to spine to other cover.

How to create fabric covered books with thrift store flannel shirt by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Start at the bottom…

How to create fabric covered books with thrift store flannel shirt by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

…and walk up!

Then, I simply cut out the rectangle, giving myself a 1.5”-2” margin of error all the way around the book. I didn’t need to be precise; I just wanted to make sure I had plenty of fabric for the project.

How to make flannel covered books with repurposed and upcycled book and shirt from thrift store by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Got my book, got my flannel- let’s do this!

I ironed my flannel rectangle, and then started to brush on a healthy coat of decoupage medium to one cover of my book. I laid it back on the fabric (glue side down), then did the same to the spine, and then to the other cover. Doing each of the three exterior surfaces separately allowed me to press the fabric into the ridges, which gives the books nice definition (in my opinion).

Using DecoArt Decou-page to create flannel covered books for DIY repurposed Fall decor by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

My new favorite decoupage medium!

Next, I brushed some Decou-page on the inside of each cover and smoothed the fabric over it.

How to cover books in fabric using DecoArt Decou-page to create repurposed flannel covered books by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Glue, wrap, smooth….Glue, wrap, smooth…

After that, I cut angles on each top and bottom cover “flap” (pointing my scissors first toward the outermost cover corner, then pointing my scissors toward the ends of the spine), brushed on Decou-page on the inside cover and smoothed the flannel flaps down.

DIY fabric covered books for autumn using upcycled thrift store book and flannel shirt by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Making good progress!

Now I was left with a “tongue” of fabric at the spine ends. First, I trimmed off the excess (so I had just ½” – ¼” of excess fabric flap at each end), brushed a wee amount of Decou-Page onto the flap, and used a toothpick to tuck the fabric between the cover spine and the bound pages. If you open the book a bit, you’ll see the opening in which to tuck!

DIY fabric covered books for autumn using upcycled thrift store book and flannel shirt by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Almost finished!!

And that was it- now I had a flannel wrapped book!! And no, I didn’t wait for anything to dry in between steps – I just kept marching along. You want a healthy amount of decoupage medium to make your flannel stick, but not so much that it bleeds through.

How to create fabric wrapped books using thrift store hardcover book and repurposed upcycled flannel shirt by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

All done!

Once I finished the first book, I was like a flannel wrapping machine…and suddenly I had a whole collection of flannel covered books !

DIY flannel covered books using repurposed thrift store hardcover books and upcycled flannel shirts from the thrift store by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Oh my gosh- love, love, LOVE!

Aren’t they wonderful? Such a fun way to turn a blah book into something decorative…and it can still be read without issue. You just have to open up the cover to find out what book you’re reading (wink, wink).

DIY Repurposed and upcycled flannel covered books with plaid flannel shirt for cabin style autumn Fall decor by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Autumn perfection…

And guess what- I have tons of other upcycling craft projects with flannel shirts for you to discover

Upcycled and repurposed flannel shirt project ideas for autumn and fall decor, accessories, holidays, and more as compiled by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

…As well as repurposed book projects for even more inspiration!Upcycling craft projects for old books, vintage books, and outdated encyclopedias compiled by Sadie Seasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Craft on!


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  1. Those are so nice! I love that idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so cute! I love this idea of using old shirts. I have totally done this in the past with thrifting a shirt just for the fabric! ha Thanks so much for the idea. saw your post at the vintage charm party. pinned:)

  3. Linda Nelson says

    Fab flannel covered books! Pretty(new) profile picture, too!

  4. creationsbycindynefcomnet says

    TOO CUTE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Super cute, and my daughter might like this for her high school text books (minus the craft glue). She would love that you had an Eclipse book in the mix as well 😉

  6. Amanda Lake says

    I love the flannel covered books. They really cozy up a room.

  7. I really like this idea to include in Fall, Winter, and Christmas vignettes – the possibilities are endless! Pinned

  8. Great idea! Some buffalo check books would be so cute in a Christmas vignette.

  9. Love this idea! Flannel shirts and helping animals -win win!

  10. Since I am a fall girl through and through, this is right up my alley! Oh, plus the repurpose aspect too!!!

  11. Carol Claremont says

    Love this! A few years ago, I covered 30-40 books that we already had with plaid wrapping paper in reds and greens. We turned our living room into a library so have wall to wall – floor to ceiling custom bookshelves that are painted white – completely filled a couple of shelves with the plaid books and it looked so good. Maybe this year I will try flannel. Love thrift stores for clothes for projects.

  12. Shay Moore says

    I absolutely love these ! Great idea.

  13. What a great idea. They look so nice.

  14. I love this idea. They make great covers and are so colorful.

  15. What a great idea! I love anything covered in flannel in the fall. What a fun idea!

    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

  16. I am so lovin this. These are amazing.

  17. I love these! And you knew I would.

  18. Love this idea! You did such a great job they look like they were originally flannel. Pinning.

  19. What a great idea or should I say ideas. Love your flannel covered books Sarah and the fact that animal-based charities are getting some exposure. I popped around to our local SPCA to see if they have a thrift store, which they don’t UGH!!, and almost came home with a whole bunch of new fur babies. I wish we had more space to adopt a few more, but I did get to spend a few hours cuddling with the purr babies and taking a very energetic little dachshund cross for a long walk.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Michelle!! We feel the same way about wanting to adopt more…we just don’t have the space. Someday, though!

  20. Such a clever and cozy redo! Love this for Fall!
    Was such fun being part of this wonderful benefit

  21. Excellent work Sarah! I love flannel specially during fall and winter! I am thinking to transform some books also and this is such a good idea!


  22. great idea especially FLANNEL! LOVE it! 😀

  23. amberlyonferguson2017 says

    I have been loving all these flannel shirt upcycle projects! I am definitely going to try to make some of these book covers. Now to check out some of the other posts in your link up! I would enjoy being a part of your blogger group of thrift store “upcyclers” in the future if you are ever wanting other bloggers to collaborate! Fabulous post! Pinning away!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Definitely!! Contact Jeanette at Country Design Style (she’s in the link-up)…she puts this group together every year. 🙂

  24. What a great project! You can’t go wrong with plaid!

  25. So really neat! I love anything plaid and the covered books would add to any decor arrangement and vignette.

  26. I love how cozy these look! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  27. I feel like I am always making the same exact comment on every post but I LOVE THESE!!! Your creativity is super inspiring!

  28. this is so creative. I invite you to share at the TFT party this week. Hugs!

  29. How cute are these. I like how they can be color coordinated with your decor.

  30. This is such a wonderful idea! I have wanted to include books in decor arrangements (we are a house of bookworms), but the spines don’t look very pretty. This idea solves that! Would love to see you share Friday at The Ultimate Pinterest Party!

  31. Sandi Allen says

    Love, Love, Love these! Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us!

  32. Adorable and perfect for fall and winter. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  33. Have never covered books before but think will be doing that. Will go thrifting to look for some great plaids as you found, your books looks quite charming in their winter covers.
    Time to clear off couple of my collections for winter. Love flannel covered books and other items kept under wraps for too long, Sarah. Have done several of your projects. good stuff.
    Have great Sunday

  34. Karen Kautz says

    Great Idea. But. . . . Now ~ “what the name of the book , the title.?”

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      LOL…well, we lived an awful long time without remotes for our TVs and caller ID- now you just need to open the cover to see what it is. And besides, I made these for decor more than anything else. 🙂

  35. Love this! Thank you again for such a beautiful tutorial!


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