Acorn Decor by Upcycling a Men’s Tweed Jacket

Acorn Decor by Upcycling a Men’s Tweed Jacket

While putting together a collection of Upcycled Fall Decor projects for a blog post, I ran across this oversized acorn decor project that I just fell in love with. It’s not my originally idea (important for me to point out), BUT I wanted to create my own version of these acorn decor. Of course, not just any fabric would do, though. I wanted to make them with a tweed coat or men’s tweed jacket.

After all, I still had remainders from tweed sport coats from making these tweed-y projects!

I also knew this project was meant to be when I was recently thrifting in Asheville and found the perfect wooden salad bowls that I could use as acorn caps.

Wooden salad bowls at thrift store for upcycling into acorn decor with tweed fabric from a tweed coat

See? Won’t they perfect for my acorn decor?

Acorn caps for acorn decor with wooden salad bowls and mens tweed jacket

So…as far as my thrifted tweed sport coats were concerned, I had ample fabric left. But my eyes immediately honed in the sleeves. Why? Because real-life acorns taper to a point, right? And sleeves are naturally tapered.

Plus, I hadn’t touched the sleeves in my previous tweed projects, so I had plenty of options in case the idea didn’t work out. I gathered my main elements-  tweed coats and the wooden salad bowls (and, Cottonball, of course!) – and got to work. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Mens tweed jacket or tweed coat that came from the thrift store for upcycling ideas and autumn craft



Upcycling a Men’s Tweed Jacket into Acorn Decor

First, I needed to isolate a sleeve from a men’s tweed jacket for the project. So, I cut it off at the arm pit, straight and perpendicular to the sleeve itself.

Cutting off the sleeve of a mens tweed jacket or tweed coat to upcycle into acorn decor with wooden salad bowls

Then, I turned the sleeve inside out, and sewed a loose running stitch about 1/3 of the way up from the cuff. I used a contrasting thread color so that you could see my running stitch, but since no one will ever SEE any of my sewing, thread color doesn’t matter one bit.

Making an autumn craft for acorn decor with the sleeve of a tweed coat or mens tweed jacket

Next, I gently tugged the needle-end of my thread and gathered the sleeve from the tweed coat. I ran my needle through the gathered fabric (a thimble helps here), before knotting it off securely.

Upcycling a mens tweed jacke or tweed coat from the thrift store for fall home decor and autumn craft

Using Wooden Salad Bowls as Acorn Caps

Then, I turned my “sleeve bag” right-side-out. Before stuffing my acorn decor, I took one additional step- adding some river rocks to the bottom of my acorn-to-be.

Why? To give the acorn decor some weight at the bottom! Once I add the wooden salad bowls, they’ll be quite top heavy. So, a few stones in the base will offset that and help them stand more easily.

Adding weight to the bottom of acorn decor that is made from tweed fabric that came from a mens tweed jacket

NOW it was time to stuff my acorn decor! And I was *not shy* about the amount of fiberfill I used.

Stuffing an autumn craft with fiberfill to become an acorn decor with a tweed coat

I used a needle and thread again to sew another running stitch along the top of the tweed fabric and again gathered it a touch before knotting off. You don’t need to tug it all the way closed- just gathered enough so that your wooden salad bowl fits on top.

Closing up an acorn decor that was made by upcycling a tweed coat from the thrift store for Fall home decor

Using my favorite basic craft glue, I then secured the wooden bowl on top of my acorn decor! And while the glue dried, I added a small weight (like a can of tuna or cat food) on top of the bowl so that the stuffing/tweed behaved.

Using the wooden salad bowls as acorn caps on acorn decor that was made by upcycling a mens tweed jacket

For “stems” on the acorn caps, I upcycled some old wooden knobs / drawer pulls! The inspirational blog post from Cheap Eats & Thrifty Crafts used cut branches, but I wanted to use something salvaged.

Wooden knobs or wooden drawer pulls for upcycling into stems on acorn caps made out of tweed fabric

Acorn Decor by Upcycling a Tweed Coat and Wooden Salad Bowls

After gluing each knob to the center of my acorn cap, the acorn decor were done! Tell me that’s not the most adorable autumn craft project you’ve ever seen…

Acorn decor that was made by upcycling a mens tweed jacket or tweed coat and wooden salad bowls

Perhaps the funniest thing now is opening the coat closet to see a bunch of armless tweed coats hanging there! But, I’ve now gotten three repurposed projects from the same tweed coats- gotta love that use of resources!

I just want to make a dozen more acorn decor to use as Fall home decor!

Fall home decor by upcycling a mens tweed jacket into acorn decor with wooden salad bowls

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for an autumn craft to use as Fall home decor, then you’ll also love these decorative pumpkins that started as Monkey Pod Wood!

Monkey pod wood or monkey wood that has been painted with orange chalk paint as fall decor for autumn decorating by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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  1. very cute Sadie!

  2. I love these! Great idea!!

  3. You are so creative! I just love them! I have this saved – so many projects going on now but I want these for next year so I put a reminder for August 2019 Calendar!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane Clelland says

    Love this project!! Great idea!

  5. Janet johnson says

    I like these. I will keep my eyes open for those bowls.

  6. You are so darn creative I could read your blog all day! This was fantastic! Nice acorns!!!

  7. Robyn Wright says

    Clever girl!

  8. teri denman says

    Oh gosh, I love these acorns! I even love the nut bowls “as is” – I’d be torn using them for anything else! Alas, I guess the days of 70’s Mom’s putting out the nuts and nut crackers on the living room end tables are in the past. *sigh*

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      We only used our nut bowl set during the holidays, but it felt so special! I always tried to crack the walnuts perfectly in half so that I could make little boats from the shells. 🙂

  9. Rita Corblies says

    OMG Now I will be looking for small wooden nut bowls…and tweed fabric….They are so “Autumn”!

  10. chris tucker says

    it has been a while sarah , lots of health issues, but i still read every post and i had to comment on these i am in love and they are simple enough i can even do them xx

  11. Claire Armstrong says

    These are so cute and clever. I love what you have done here!

  12. Sarah, these are just the cutest acorns I’ve ever seen! The thought of your tweed jacket stash hanging in the closet with missing arms and pieces, just cracks me up!! A perfect fall project!

  13. omgosh these are adorable!!!!!!! This fall gave us so many acorns and I can’t find anything to really do with them, next year, I will paint them and put them in a glass pumpkin bow. with top- any
    thing else?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I’ve only used them in similar fashion- in vases, wide-mouth bottles, etc. But if I think of anything, I’ll let you know!!

  14. Really cute. Instead of thrift store hunting I looked around my house. I used flannel material the bottom of a soda bottle (as the top) and a wine cork (after we drank the wine of course) as the stem. It was a lot of fun trying to get the sizing just right.

  15. This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time:-)

    Greetings from Germany,


  16. Wow, you just blew my mine with these fabulous ideas. I love them! thanks for sharing. Stay safe and healthy.


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