Repurposing Projects for Old Technology

Repurposing Projects for Old Technology

Whether you realize it or not, thrift stores are full of old technology. And by old technology, I mean all sorts of things- old computer parts, VHS tapes, typewriter tables, and even photo albums. The relics of old technology are as discarded as the tech itself, which makes them ripe for repurposing projects, if you ask me!

It gets a little overwhelming when you think about. All those cassette tapes that pile up at thrift stores. Or the record albums! As soon as tech is improved upon, we all rush out to get the latest and greatest.

Well, maybe not all of us. But let’s face it, a lot of us do!

To me, it means a LOT of potential for repurposing projects. And I’m certainly no stranger to taking the relics of obsolete technology and putting them to good reuse.

Like this industrial side table I made from VHS storage drawers.

Industrial side table from VHS storage

And this tabletop greenhouse I made for starting seeds! I upcycled a floppy disk holder to create it, and it worked like a charm.

tabletop greenhouse from a floppy disk holder

See what I mean? Old technology is everywhere- and you don’t have to know anything about electronics to repurpose it. Or, at least you don’t if you focus on the things that accompanied old tech.

Like these address books that I upcycled for a very modern purpose!

Password book

Either way, I thought it would be fun to gather all sorts of repurposing projects for outdated technology. Because I’m certainly not the only blogger who enjoys finding ways to reuse these things!

And if you still use any of these old tapes, tables, and devices for their original use, even better! But for the discarded bits, a little creative reuse can go a long way. So, I hope you find some upcycling inspiration here.

Repurposing Projects for Old Technology

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Are you inspired now to dig out that old technology and possibly repurpose it? Maybe an old TV, or a telephone table, or even just an album cover that you can’t bear to part with?

DIY hand fan from a retro album cover

Either way, chances are you’ve held onto old tech (or the relics of tech from your adolescence!) that is ripe for repurposing. And if you didn’t have any ideas before, hopefully you might have some to work with now.

movie reel decor from spice shakers

I also feel personally challenged to come up with more repurposing ideas for old technology to share here on the blog, too. Maybe something with old VHS tapes or 8-track tapes? You just see SO MANY of those things at thrift stores.

And I do love to come up with upcycling projects using easy-to-find stuff, that’s for sure!

Anyway, here’s hoping you feel inspired the next time you go to a thrift store or even clean out a closet! Those outdated relics might just be what the (repurposing) doctor ordered.

If you enjoyed these upcycling ideas for outdated technology, then you may get a kick of how I created this decorative pocket watch for wall decor, too!

Steampunk wall art or industrial home decor by upcycling a picture frame into a vintage pocket watch

Craft on!


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repurposing projects for obsolete technology

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  1. These ideas are amazing and SO pertinent. Can’t wait to try a bunch of them. Thank you for this post!

  2. You are soooo creative!!! I love your posts and your imagination!

  3. Carrie Krumrie says

    Looked over your tech, upgrades!!! So excited about the vintage typewriter!!!! Have one in my basement!!! I will run down and bring it upstairs, after I finish this and feed my dog!!! She is scraping her bowl now!!!!

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