Upcycled Birdhouse from a Decorative Table Clock

Upcycled Birdhouse from a Decorative Table Clock

During one of my many Junkin’ Journeys, I stumbled upon a decorative desktop clock that was perfect for upcycling. It wasn’t particularly well-made and battery inside the clock mechanism had corroded over. So, I decided that it was ideal for transforming into an upcycled birdhouse.

Decorative table clock

Why an upcycled birdhouse? I wish I could explain why that’s what came to mind. 

Decorative desk clock

Maybe it was the round clock face that reminded me of an entrance hole on a birdhouse. Or maybe I just had Spring on the brain. Either way, that was my plan and it was an inexpensive experiment to try!

Back of a decorative table clock

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Transforming a Clock into an Upcycled Birdhouse

First, I needed to to de-construct the clock by removing the mechanism and back panel.

Making an upcycled birdhouse

Once the clock was removed, I realized the entry/exit hole was too big for a birdhouse. I appreciated the roundness of it, but it was big enough to let predators in.

So, Jon made a “reducer” out of basswood and a jigsaw. In retrospect, a hole saw set would have been perhaps a little easier to work with.

Making a smaller birdhouse entrance holeI sanded the edges down and painted the reducer. Then, I glued it to the inside of the house, effectively creating a smaller front door for my smallest songbirds.

Repurposed birdhouse from a decorative table clock

Next, I brushed the entire exterior with water sealant. It IS going outside, after all.

Once the sealant had completely dried, I needed to “build up” the nest area. Birds like to enter a birdhouse and effectively hop right into their nest.

So I used some old wine corks (y’all know I have tons of those) to fill up the bottom of the clock. I then re-attached the back panel and brushed it with water sealant.

Wine corks inside an upcycled birdhouse

I also added a large screw-in eye to the very top (secured with a nut inside) for hanging purposes.

Finally, I was ready to hang it in our backyard!

Upcycled Birdhouse from a Decorative Table Clock

I also glued a wooden spool (previously waterproofed) to the bottom of the entrance hole. Not sure if my birds would want a perch or not, but…

Would you look at that? Someone has already started to move in!

Nest inside a repurposed birdhouse

I can’t believe how quickly that happened! I guess the birds knew it was “time” to move into my upcycled birdhouse.

Upcycled birdhouse from a decorative table clock

Ha, get it? Time to move in because it was made from a clock!

Crafters make birdhouses out of all sorts of things: old leather boots, ceramic teapots, aluminum canisters, you name it. I’m totally going to make more upcycled birdhouses, too.

Such as this one, that worked like a charm! Can you guess what it originally started out as?

wren birdhouse from a wooden tissue box

If you enjoyed this repurposing idea for an upcycled birdhouse, then you may also want to make one of these suet feeders from a coffee mug, too!

How to make bird suet for a suet feeder in a ceramic coffee mug as a DIY bird feeder for the winter

Craft on!


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Repurposing a table clock into an upcycled birdhouse

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  1. I love this idea. If I ever find an old clock I am going to make one. Pinned.

  2. That is so neat! I’m going to have to start watching thrift stores and yard sales for something similar.

  3. Gorgeous bird house! So clever to use an old clock!!

  4. I love birdhouses and this is an amazing idea! Love it!!!!

  5. This is so creative! I love repurposing and this is fantastic! Thank you so much for linking at On Display Thursday – we are so happy to have your talent shared!

  6. Thanks, Bre!! I look forward to your party every week. 🙂

  7. What an awesome idea!

  8. LOVE this a lot!!

  9. Such a cute idea to gut an old clock. I can totally see my youngest loving this project. She loves to watch birds in our backyard. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  10. That is a fantastic idea! I’d much rather share it with the sweet birds than have another clock in the house.

  11. What a creative, beautiful project. I love how it looks on the tree. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. We hope to see you again! Michelle OurCraftyMom

  12. How cute is this? I love it! The wild birds in my yard would love it. I’m going to keep my eye out for a cool old clock.

  13. Love this idea too! Thanks again, for sharing at the party this week @DearCreatives Theresa

  14. I like this! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week 🙂

  15. Pinned again & shared. Thanks for sharing your diy at the party!

  16. I love your birdhouse! It is adorable but I am a little concerned about that hole. I just feel like it should be even smaller as I’ve not seen one quite so big. You mentioned that you hung it in one of your back maples. Do you have oak trees? They are huge for squirrels and I think they could possibly get in this birdhouse. What are your thoughts? The hole might be deceiving me but I don’t know for sure??

  17. Your creativeness never ends! Is Cottonball a housecat? I bet (s?)he loves watching the birds through the windows! Did your birdhouse get lived in this year?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      He is a housecat- we have a screened in porch which is as close to being outside as it gets for him! And we had chickadees in our front (always nested) birdhouse this year!!!

  18. Zachary Redding says

    that is so cool


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