Halloween Terrarium in a Candle Lantern

Halloween Terrarium in a Candle Lantern

It’s no secret that I love capturing the essence of holidays and season in jars. I’ve done it for Christmas (twice, if you count this project), Summer, Spring, and Winter. But, up until today, I hadn’t done one for Halloween. So, I’m rectifying that by making a Halloween terrarium this time!

Instead of jars, however, I decided to use decorative lanterns. Mostly because I found some recently and figured they’d be perfect for the job!

First, I found this metal-and-glass lantern…

black lantern for a lantern terrarium

And then I found a wood-and-glass version.

decorative lantern

They reminded me of this other lantern that I had upcycled for Halloween in the past…

Halloween lamp post for Halloween porch decorations

But, anyway- both had black frames and were in various states of “yikes”. In other words, dirty, beat-up, and ideal for Halloween decor!

lanterns for a halloween terrarium

Now I just needed to transform each one into a Halloween terrarium.

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Upcycling Candle Lanterns into Halloween Decor

Not only did I find the perfect lanterns for these Halloween terrariums, but I also found some fake Venus fly trap plants at a craft store! This link to the artificial fly trap stems may work if in season.

I figured they would work brilliantly for the look I was going for. I also gathered a piece of floral foam, aquarium gravel, and some plastic skulls, as well.

craft supplies needed for a halloween terrarium

First, I sliced the floral foam in two, one for each lantern. I didn’t do it evenly because of the size difference between the lanterns.

floral foam for a lantern terrarium

Then, using my wire cutters, I snipped off pieces of the Venus fly trap and stuck them in the foam. No glue needed; I just pressed the stems into the foam.

fake venus fly trap

Next, I placed the Venus fly trap inside the lantern to check size and even-ness.

It was a good thing I did because it seemed a little cockeyed at first! So I carefully shaved off a hair on one side to even it out.

making a halloween terrarium with a fake venus fly trap

I didn’t glue down the foam, either. This way, nothing is permanent, and I can break down my Halloween terrarium and use the lantern for another project during the year!

Anyway, I then carefully poured in some aquarium gravel until the floral foam was completely hidden. Sure, you could use terrarium filler from a craft store but pet store aquarium gravel is super cheap!

making a spooky terrarium

Now my Halloween terrarium just needed one final (spooky) touch!

Halloween Terrarium in a Candle Lantern

Lastly, I added a Halloween skull and my Halloween terrarium was done!

spooky terrarium

What do you think? Do they put the “eek” in sleek? WINK-WINK!

lantern terrarium for halloween

I thought I’d be super cool and call them “Terror-iums” (being for Halloween AND my well-documented love of puns), but there’s already a shop with that name!

So, maybe I’ll call them…SCARE-ARIUMS instead! Halloween scare-ariums! I think that works just fine.

Either way, though, I’m digging these Halloween terrariums as a sleek, modern alternative to traditional Halloween decor.

halloween terrarium in a black candle lantern

And, since no glues or paints were involved, everything can be broken down (if I even want to!) so that I can use the lanterns again.

If you enjoyed this idea for easy, unusual Halloween decor, then you may also be interested in these Halloween silhouettes, as well!

spooky silhouettes as halloween window decor

Craft on!


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halloween terrarium for spooky decor

graveyard terrarium for halloween decor

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  1. Molly Tomaszewski says

    Love them! Once again you inspire me!

  2. This is brilliant! I did not know Michael’s had faux flytrap plants. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It was a fun discovery for me, too- and I found them in the Halloween section, not the floral section (FYI).

  3. Love it. Never seen a faux Venus fly trap before. Being a rubber bug fan, I think some flies or a furry spider would be great, too!

  4. Wendy Oyler says

    So cool! I see the lanterns in thrift shops all the time and have even bought several. I wish we had a true craft supply store in my area for all the other fun items you can use Closest one is over 100 miles away. We have Walmart for those types of supplies and that’s it. I know I can order stuff but sometimes it’s nice to be able to look at things in-person before you buy them. Actually the thrift shops I go to are in that same town so it’s always a long day of hunting treasures! Just haven’t been able to really go much of anywhere this year. ☹️

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ugh, I forget that so many of you live in more rural areas- everything is just a mile or 2 away for me. 🙁 And I totally understand that you want to see these things in person before buying.

  5. Oh very cute! Love that scary Venus fly trap plant!

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