Round-Up and Recap: Repurposed Vintage Planter Projects

Round-Up and Recap: Repurposed Vintage Planter Projects

Now that Spring has officially arrived, everyone I know is chomping at the bit to enjoy all things planting. Ok, maybe not everyone I know…BUT a lot of us are feeling the excitement of cleaning up our gardens and buying cheerful annuals to bring color and life to our porches and yards.

As an upcycler, I absolutely LOVE incorporating vintage treasures- especially ones in disrepair- into my yard décor. And I am by no means alone- using antiques or secondhand items as unique planters is so popular, that big box stores are stocking their shelves with “new made to look old” garden items! But save yourself a trip, head out to your garage or shed, and you may just have the perfect piece to use. And to give you some inspiration, I’ve teamed up with Hometalk and found all sorts of ideas for vintage items that make terrific planters!


Vintage Bucket & Faucet Planter

The piece that started it all- and year after year, one of my favorites. An antique bucket outfitted with a salvaged spigot/spout creates a charming planter on my front porch. And I always choose to fill it with portulaca/moss rose…when it looks like this, how could I not?

Vintage Antique Bucket and Spout planter from Sadie Seasongoods

The cutest vintage bucket planter EVER!

Chandelier Planter

How pretty is this? Chandeliers are plentiful at thrift shops…and I just love this idea, either hung from a shepherd’s hook or a low tree branch!

repurposed chandelier hanging basket

Flowers bring light in their own special way.

Tuba Planter

Who would have thought of using a tuba for a planter? And such a great save before it was scrapped for metal! Since my husband played the tuba back in high school, I’m exceptionally partial to this indoor planter idea.

repurposed brass instrument tuba planter

A red tuba…as a planter…hanging on the wall. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Upcycled Window Box

I absolutely love the idea of using an old piece of furniture- say a dresser drawer or a shelf like this, perhaps- to reimagine as a window box! Easy to hang, easy to drill drainage holes- and perfect for planting!

repurposed drawer furniture planter window box

DIY window boxes…I can definitely get behind that.

Tea Kettle Rock Garden

Now- does it get much prettier than this? Old silver kettles turned into rock gardens…they are very “zen”, don’t you think?

repurposed tea kettle succulent rock garden

How pretty are these repurposed tea kettles?!

Chicken Feeder Planter

Oh my gosh, how much do I want to find an antique chicken feeder? I’ve seen them repurposed as Christmas décor…and bird feeders…and now a planter! SO MANY IDEAS!!!

antique repurposed chicken feeder planter

Just love this idea- and the red flowers? Perfection.

Baby Carriage Garden

Antique items with natural drainage really do make for amazing repurposed planters…so anything wicker is a perfect example! Isn’t this old pram adorable for the garden?

repurposed pram baby carriage planter

Now THAT’S a pretty addition to your yard…

Bicycle Garden

Another fun item to add personality to your garden- an old bike! Rusted out bicycles are plentiful at yard sales…and this is a great example of giving it a new lease on life when its traveling days are done.

repurposed vintage bicycle planter

The perfect pink planter…on wheels!

Suitcase Planter

The vintage suitcase is a bottomless pit of project potential, isn’t it?? This is perfect for old luggage with stains, odors, or structural damage…and trust me, there are plenty of those floating around thrift stores and flea markets.

repurposed luggage succulent garden

You know I love me a fun luggage upcycle…

Bundt Pan Umbrella Planter

Oh. My. Gosh. How brilliant is this?? An old Bundt pan- hello, thrift store!- is almost custom made to be a planter for a patio umbrella table. I don’t even HAVE an umbrella table, but now I want one…just so I can repurpose a planter like this!

thrifted bundt pan patio table planter

A Bundt Pan…used as a planter…secured by your umbrella table!! #brilliant

Wagon Succulents Garden

I think everyone can appreciate the iconic red wagon…and it looks perfectly lovely as a succulent garden.  AND it’s mobile…easy to move around your yard!

vintage repurposed radio flyer garden planter

LOVE a red wagon!

Flour Sifter

Another vintage treasure with natural drainage- dare I say, drainage for your grainage? I love the idea of using one as a planter…and with a handle for hanging, it looks even more charming with the spilling tendrils of greenery.

repurposed vintage sifter garden decor

Love how this antique sifter looks as a planter!

Insulator Planter

Pretty glass insulators…SO plentiful in antiques shops…and I love seeing ideas for them. And don’t they make a darling planter for your daintiest plants?

upcycled vintage insulator succulent planter

I LOVE finding new uses for glass insulators!

Gumball Machine Terrarium

This might be the cutest terrarium I’m ever seen!! Oh how I crave an old gumball machine now…and if I find one, I might have to try my luck at indoor succulent gardening again.

repurposed vintage gumball machine planter

Come on…does it get any cuter than this? I don’t think so.

Hanging Scale Flower Basket

I just LOVE this idea- while I still love my vintage colander planter, I definitely have a yearning to find an old hanging scale. It works perfectly as a unique hanging basket, that is for sure!

repurposed vintage hanging scale planter

Simply put- adorable!

Sink Planter

Old sinks make for gorgeous yard décor, and this one proves that you don’t need the pedestal! I love the bright white porcelain as the backdrop for the gorgeous pop of color from the blooms- time to hit the Habitat ReStore!!

repurposed sink planter garden decor

Bright white sink + cheerful flowers = perfect garden decor!


Well, did you find any inspiration? All I know is that my “to look for” list at summer yard sales and flea markets just became a lot longer- proof that with vintage items, anything is possible!

Craft on!



  1. I love the succulent in the insulator! Thanks for posting. Hello from Project Inspired.

  2. These are all great ideas, I’ve had my eye out for an old truck to turn into a planter. So far no luck, the ones I do find are to expensive. I did turn an old wheel barrel I had into a planter last week. Thanks for sharing, I will be looking at things a little differently at thrift stores and yard sales now. Pinning!

  3. Jann Olson says:

    I love planting in unusual containers as well. Have a lot of the same things in my garden and I love them. Great roundup! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Red tuba is perfect and garden wagons are my ultimate favorite!
    Thanks for linking up this week:)
    Mila (Idea Box)

  5. The flower sifter is my favorite. Plus it already has the mesh bottom, so no need to drill drainage holes!

  6. Love these! They are beautiful. Sharing! Thanks for linking to Show Me Saturday.

  7. As I see one, that’s my favorite, until I see my next favorite. All adorable

  8. Great ideas! I love the creativity. So happy you linked up with us at Thursday Favorite Things.

  9. Love the tuck & owl tins!

  10. Love thes great ideas! Pinned 🙂

  11. Good grief THAT TUBA! It’s amazing! It reminds me of the blue french horn from How I Met Your Mother =)

  12. Great ideas!!

  13. I have used a tuba for a planter before. I love the insulator i have a few of them around and love succulents and cactus – great idea. Anyone ever try a maple sap collecting bucket?


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