Organization and Storage Projects from The DIY Housewives

Organization and Storage Projects from The DIY Housewives

If it’s the first Wednesday of the month, then that can only mean one thing- it’s time for a new collection of project ideas from The DIY Housewives! This means that a group of my blogging friends (The DIY Housewives) will be sharing an older project as part of a themed collection. Sometimes, the theme will be seasonal…or based on a project material…or possibly a room in your home. No matter what, each collection will be a wonderful way to find timely inspiration in one compact posting- plus, you’ll get to know new bloggers and some of their favorite older projects. And with a New Year just starting, it’s a good time to focus on…

Organization Projects

Now, for a repurposing/upcycling blogger like myself, organization is ALWAYS on my mind- either in project form or in my <sometimes> chaotic life/house. So much so that I have all my repurposed organization projects collected together in a single post, as well as an easy-to-scroll through category! From my craft room, to gift wrapping supplies, to gardening tools, to storage/organization that doubles as home decor, I’ve completed many organization-focused projects. I’ve also completed a lot of jewelry storage projects, as well, and I selected a favorite one of those to include in today’s DIY Housewives collection!

Vintage wooden flatware silverware tray repurposed as DIY jewelry display holder by Sadie Seasongoods /
I’m always finding these wooden silverware / cutlery trays at the thrift store…and they’re scarred up and looking for a makeover. Well, my cutlery tray jewelry holder is a great way to store and organize your baubles, particularly in dorm rooms and apartments where space is limited! It’s a quick and easy project…and part of me thinks a small gallery wall of these in different colors would be SO fun to create.

Now, let’s see all the different organization projects that The DIY Housewives have done- just click on the thumbnail to head to their tutorial!

The DIY Housewives for DIY Upcycled and Repurposed Project and Home Decor Inspiration

Such a diverse collection of organization projects! And you know what? I’ve got a brand new storage / organization project coming to the blog in a few days. Because, let’s face it- a craft room (or workshop) can ALWAYS use more organizing, right?

Craft on!


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  1. Love that jewelry organizer & the color!!!

  2. Lovely ideas, thanks a lot for sharing these ideas with us.
    Would love to see more ideas. Keep it up Sarah!

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