Goodwill Blogging: New Opportunities and Projects (August 2015)

Goodwill Blogging: New Opportunities and Projects (August 2015)

So I have some exciting news- for me, at least, and hopefully for you, too! Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina has re-vamped their blog with an entirely new team of writers, including yours truly. We are a wonderfully diverse team of bloggers– fashion thrifters, DIYers, foodie writers, and home decorators who will bring you new projects and ideas throughout each month. Goodwill is obviously our thrift shop of choice, but it’s just a great idea to spotlight the idea of thrifting and buying secondhand goods. You all know I’m a big believer in it- and a lot of you are, too- so I’m definitely looking forward to yet another way to keeping the “buying used” movement going!

I want to make sure I bring my Goodwill projects to my blog as a way to chronicle everything I make. I encourage you to visit the full Good Life Blog, too, of course- but since my blog is my “journey of making”, it’s important to showcase those projects here, too. Hopefully you won’t mind and I promise to bring you a brand new project next week- and it’s one I think you’ll really like!

For my first Goodwill blog project, I really wanted to focus on store sections that are always FULL of merchandise- so, I decided to create something from the Book Section and the Picture Frame Section. If you frequent thrift stores, you know that these sections are usually overflowing with opportunities.

And I say “opportunities” because that’s what thrifted merchandise is to me- opportunities to save money, opportunities to create/upcycle, and opportunities to support good global practices.

But back to the project- I know the book department isn’t always that exciting. But let me tell you, there are a lot of wonderful secrets on those shelves. Take this wallflower for instance…

Vintage nature atlas from Goodwill /

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

But when I opened him up, I found that he was chock full of amazing illustrations! Turns out he’s a nature atlas from 1952.

Vintage nature atlas from Goodwill /


Thanks to the internet, people are unloading their old encyclopedias and similar-type books. But a lot of them are a treasure-trove of gorgeous photos, drawings, and illustrations that are begging to become wall art. Speaking of which, I needed a picture frame.

Creating DIY Wall Art from the Goodwill

Since the illustrations were on the small side, I wanted one of those “collage” type frames. You know the kind I’m talking about, right? The kind that come with that paper photo divider in different sizes and shapes? Well, I see them all the time at thrift stores, and snapped one up.

Thrifted collage photo frame from Goodwill /

That’ll do quite nicely. And it was never used!

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When I returned home, I was so excited that I got to work right away. First things first, I took apart the frame. I wasn’t super excited that the photo divider was cream and gold…but when I flipped it over, it had a lovely bright white finish- perfect!

I went through my atlas and selected the illustrations that I wanted to use- saltwater fish species. So, I started to cut them out and taped them carefully to my photo divider.

Creating DIY wall art with thrift store book and picture frame /

Isn’t that fantastic? Worked like a charm.

I loved how it looked! And when I finished filling all the gaps, I ended up with this.

Creating DIY wall art with thrift store book and picture frame /

Gorgeous! Beachy, coastal, and pretty.

Goodwill Art Revealed

Since the fish illustrations had great hues of blue and green, I chose a deep lagoon teal to paint the frame. I knew it’d pop against the white photo divider, too.

Sadie Seasongoods thrifted wall album picture frame art wall decor with vintage nature atlas illustrations from Goodwill /


How great is that? I just love it- the perfect gift for someone who loves fishing…or in a beach house…or to personalize an office.

So there you have it- my first Goodwill blog post. And I’m already working on September’s project…here’s a hint: Think Caffeine.

Craft on!



PIN ME!Sadie Seasongoods thrifted wall album picture frame art wall decor with vintage nature atlas illustrations from Goodwill /


  1. Congratulatuons on your Goodwill gig. I love goodwill and will always shop their stores. I love your framed art. I don’t look at the books very often but I might have to now.

    • says:

      Thank you, Michelle! I’m really looking forward to it…in fact, I already finished my September project for The Good Life Blog!! 😀

  2. Love it! Love the Goodwill upcycle! I love doing that so I’m looking forward to your great ideas.

  3. What a great idea! The finished product was gorgeous… such talent! Congratulation son the new ‘job’. pod Will does grab things 🙂

  4. chris aka monkey says:

    wow love this i just have to get over my hesitation of cutting a book up lol xx

  5. I stop buying from Goodwill because for a while their prices werevtoo high. But in my recent visit, found out they have a new price policy with great new low prices. Im so happy about it.

    • says:

      I’ve run into that same thing at various thrift chains. I think it’s always a struggle to keep prices reasonable given how popular thrifting has become.

  6. I hit all the thrift stores around here–Goodwills; Red, White and Blue (Vietnam Veterans) store;Deseret; Salvation Army, and all the little ones!

  7. What a great idea! I never thought of looking through reference books for images! My brother was just telling me he needs some art for his walls………………..I’m seeing Christmas presents! 🙂

  8. I love this, Sarah! Goodwill is my go to store for frames. I found the collage frame I used for my map project there and it was brand new, still in the plastic. Your wall art looks great.

  9. What a fun project and congrats for your new opportunity, that would be so fun!


  10. I love this to bits Sarah! Isn’t it wonderful to find those old picture books and be able to display the pics beautifully? They’re such a treasure. Thanks for sharing this at Five Star Frugal. Love, Mimi xxx

  11. What a great idea! Looks great! Thanks for linking up on The Handmade Hangout!

  12. You did an amazing job on this project! I especially liked how you flipped the mat over – and the paint job on the frame!

  13. A super idea! I do have trouble cutting up books, though–especially vintage editions. But this is fab! Another problem I have is running out of wall space for all the cool Goodwill finds I can edit and repurpose once I get them home. I’m a bit inundated at present and hubby is wanting us to offload at a yardsale this month. Gah! I usually have the intention of putting things on Etsy–but my writing projects keep me from dedicating time to such a hobby. Ah . . . me . . .

    • says:

      Ha, I totally get it. I have an easier time justifying it with a book from the thrift store, though…I figure, someone else was able to get rid of it/didn’t love it anymore…and Lord only knows how long it has sat or will sit, collecting dust in the thrift shop. So, I’m hoping to do it a favor by showing off its pretty pictures in a frame!!

  14. Great idea! I love using old book illustrations for artwork. It’s so impactful and costs almost nothing! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  15. Great idea!

  16. Stopping by from the Show and Tell Link Party. What a great upcycle project! And could be adapted to so many different tastes… old cookbooks for the chef in the family, etc.

  17. Jann Olson says:

    The wall art is great Sarah! I have had my eyes out at our local goodwill for a botanical book for some time now, but haven’t ran across one. These photos are perfect for a beach theme! Congrats on being selected to help with the blog. Sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • says:

      LOVE me some older gardening/botanical books- I’m always on the hunt for those, too! Thanks again for hosting and for popping by. 🙂

  18. Congratulations! They couldn’t have picked a better person to help on the blog. You are so talented and you always blow me away with your creativity.

  19. What an awesome idea to make pretty wall art.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Have a nice week and see you again.
    Julie xo

  20. This is such a great idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  21. This is a really great way to upcycle and give something a fresh start! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up with us over at the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party!


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